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G’day my name is Ann, my passion for photography began in 1981, as I tried to capture the lifestyle, the history and the memories of my Outback experiences and life.

My aim is to portray my love of the land and the bush way of life in photographs. Capturing natural light is my passion and challenge, in the wide open spaces and big sky country I live in.

I hope that through my photography, I can make others feel and share my deep connection with the Outback.

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ANZAC Day Boulia 2019 - The start of Boulia's 25 April, is like most towns and places that commemorate ANZAC Day around Australia and the World, with a Dawn Service. "Anzac Day (/ˈænzæk/) is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand that broadly commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders "who served and died in all wars, conflicts,… Read More
Bought Cattle from Jericho - #BossMan bought cattle from Jericho, earlier in the year, we trucked them to Lucknow 21 March and the first mob to Goodwood on the 22 March. The ones that were dropped off at Lucknow were processed and put in their rightful paddock. The 847 cows and weaners that were brought… Read More
Sunrise from the Cazna turnoff - You know the saying, the story behind the photo or a picture paints a thousand words? You could let your imagination run wild if given a photo, and one image could give an array of emotions to many people. (Children have been given photos to make up stories as English… Read More
Marginal Country in Lake Eyre Basin - A timeline of rain and floods, from my Ann Britton Photography Facebook page From 31 October 2018 to 2 April 2019 Including March 2018 flood Ann Britton Photography 31 October 2018 ·  You can all give thanks to Jan Adermann for this post LOL Tis really not a poem as such, but words… Read More

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Map of where Ann Britton is based in comparison to Brisbane