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G’day my name is Ann, my passion for photography began in 1981, as I tried to capture the lifestyle, the history and the memories of my Outback experiences and life.

My aim is to portray my love of the land and the bush way of life in photographs. Capturing natural light is my passion and challenge, in the wide open spaces and big sky country I live in.

I hope that through my photography, I can make others feel and share my deep connection with the Outback.

Ann Britton’s most recent works


Ann Britton’s BLOG

A pair of Brolgas - You will normally see brolgas in pairs. This pair is hanging around just outside the house yard...on my way to a bore on Friday (a solar that needed to be turned off) this pair caught my eye so I went stalking, hunting and shooting...and I thought I would share some… Read More
Spring, in a corner of my garden - If you follow me on FaceBook, you will realise that these sunflowers are amongst my pumpkin patch. I thought that the sunflowers growing above the pumpkin vine would be just lovely, and they have proved that theory. My daughter in law has dressed my youngest granddaughter in sunflower print for… Read More
Some birds in my backyard - A photographic blog of photos I captured of birds, one afternoon, in my backyard. My treasured chooks are let out every afternoon about 4. They have been giving us up to a dozen eggs every day. Some days 13, and we have 13 chooks. I wonder if the galahs are… Read More
Eta Aquariid, Twilight, Sunrise, Sunup - 6 May 2020 A photoblog. The astrophotography is single shots and I have posted mainly for the meteors that are captured in them. They all have at least one meteor except one, which has none. In the footnote below is more about Eta Aquariid for those that are interested, with… Read More

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