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Ann Britton Outback Photography

A few birds getting around Goodwood this morning

Magpies and Peewees are frequent visits to our yard. As are Galahs and Cockies, Top Notch pigeons, Zebra Finches, Willy Wagtails and occasional Budgerigar and pretty coloured Kingfishers (that are hard to photograph)
BRA_5645 pigeons in cattle yard
There have been numerous pigeons enjoying the left overs of the hay we fed the weaners a week or two back, in the cattle yard at the house. Every now and then one will fan out its tail feathers in what I assume is some sort of courting dance to impress a suitor.
BRA_5647 close up of pigeons in yard
Up close you can see how pretty their feathers really are.
BRA_5650 bird on wire in yard
This pigeon is smaller than the Top Notch ones and I’m not too sure of its name?
BRA_5654 galah looking right
These fellows are never too far away….this one checking me out, at the highest vantage point of the Cedar tree, while he/she calling to their mates…looking to the right….
BRA_5655 galah looking left
….looking to the left….keeping a keen eye on me.
BRA_5656 galah looking front on
One of its mates came to join in the observation of the woman with the camera & seems to be giving a running commentary.
Edward and his chicks haven’t visited for a while now but they have been seen around, so that is a good thing.
I hope everyone is able to share their space, where ever it may be, with native bird life.

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