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Ann Britton Outback Photography

A Light Challenge

I love my Outback home and I love the photography challenge of the light, in this wide open spaces and big sky country.
BRA_6833 picanninni dawn GoodwoodTaking photos is my time out, feel good therapy, a passion I truly love.
Picaninny daylight, like most sunsets or sunrises, they seem to look better with just a touch of clouds.
BRA_6299 sunrise Goodwood
The infamous Goodwood windmill on the first sunrise of 2016.
Whether it is a dust storm, sunrise, sunset, huge clouds, moonlight or night sky my favourite windmill has been a great feature in many of my photos.
BRA_6364 Burke River

My camera is an extension of myself, I rarely walk out the front door without it.
A rare sight, the Burke River, at the bridge crossing just east of Boulia, flooding.
BRA_6344 roo on lawn Goodwood

Good day gauge: is usually how many photos I have taken, the more the better.
A visitor to our lawns, one of many, who graze our lawn when the paddocks are dry.
IMG_7873 dust storm long shadows Goodwood

A rare day is a day that I haven’t taken a photo, either with camera or phone.
This photo was taken via iPhone panorama, I was not long home from 10 days away visiting the coast I was catching up with Junior (my Red Heeler), you can see his ears shadow beside my shadow, and looked up and saw this dust storm coming, I thought “Welcome Home dust storm, how lovely” (not really)
BRA_6403 eagle lift off roo Goodwood

One of the reasons for starting this web site, many years ago, was to welcome people to our little piece of Australia. For visitors to this website to experience Outback Queensland, to learn more about our beef growing business. The other reason was to sell my photos.
There were three eagles feeding off this roo, a fair way off the road, so I would say the eagles would have killed it themselves, not a road kill that they can normally be seen feeding off of.
BRA_7018 cloud lagoon shower Goodwood

So reproducing the natural light, for those that view my photography, as close to how I see it, with my own eyes, is one of my passions and challenge.
Our house lagoon flooded and moistened the ground outside its banks, that is where the green vegetation is you can see. The colours in the clouds are made up of the last light of the sun, dust and rain coming out of the cloud.
IMG_7531 double rainbow Boulia B&B's

Another is to make people “feel” as if they are standing beside me experiencing the view I capture with me. I’m hoping some will want to come and visit our area, which would be marvelous for them to do. Others will never have the opportunity. So if I can get people to witness for themselves Outback Australia or let people “feel” part of rural Queensland….that….is truly my pleasure.
This photo was a panorama iPhone photo as well, taken south of Boulia from a friends house while we were there having smoko.
This photo was taken 5 January, three days after the second run in the Boulia Channels, these wonderful birds turned up, in a mob of about 100.
I wrote a blog about these pelicans I was so lucky to be in the right place at the right time. The fact that I’d never seen so many pelicans in one folk before and they flew straight over me, was indeed an amazing sight to witness.
BRA_6972 sunrise

I stand in awe most days, at the visions that I get to witness, in wet and dry times. I marvel at nature, at the weather and I capture what I love and can’t wait to share my photo hoping others “see and feel” what I have the privilege to capture. When they do, it truly is my pleasure.
BRA_6569 piccaninni dawn windmill Goodwood

I have had the complete joy of receiving comments from those that live their lives in offices, some of them windowless, comment that my photos are their therapy too. This makes my heart sing.
The thought of a windowless office just makes me shake my head, I truly don’t think I could handle it well at all. I appreciate cities, but I am truly grateful that I don’t have to live in one.
BRA_6564 pelicans lagoon
The beauty of this country buy diclofenac sodium online needs to be shared in my opinion but there are many who don’t “see” even when standing in it. So to actually portray, through my photos, the amazing colours, light, shapes, natives, landscapes, structures, miracles, life of my Outback home, so people “feel” it, to me is a pleasure, accomplishment that I am blessed to be able to give.  It is my way of giving back, for having the privilege of living a life I love.
BRA_6849 old tank black and white

Another thing that I am blessed to be extremely grateful for is making people’s happy memories, of their time in the west, where once they lived, come back and make them smile.
This old tank amazes me.
How it still stands is indeed incredible.
We receive considerable strong winds.
The tree beside it is struggling to stay alive yet the tank has never been in use for as long as I have been at Goodwood, over 30 years. So the fact that the tank is empty, again is a miracle that it stays on top of its stand.
Turning it into a monochrome photo, I think, suits both tank, stand and tree.
BRA_6919 sunrise Goodwood
The sharing of stories, via my photography, for myself and others to learn, I treasure these as well.
IMG_7874 Junior Goodwood

The absolutely amazing connections my photographs have given me is too numerous for me to mention. From every person that follows my photography page on Facebook and to all those that follow me on Twitter because of my photos, to the friendships I have made in real life and on social media. I have one gorgeous puppy in #Junior, thanks to my photo connection. I could not do this connection list justice if I tried, I would be sure to miss someone out. It is totally wonderful and I am very grateful and sincerely blessed to have all these connections, thanks to my photography.
BRA_6385 dust Goodwood

I have done gallery exhibitions with other like minded photographers but my one solo exhibition was simply called “Home.” Where people walked through the gallery as if from sunrise to sunset, or a year in the life of those at Goodwood. The captions on the photos were only to explain what the photo said. Again the reason for this was to try and connect those that haven’t experienced life in Outback Queensland to feel part of it.
Christmas Day saw clear skies, after that we received a extremely strong  wind that blew dust day and night for the next three days. Then for every day after that until about the 8th of January the wind would pick up every day and blow dust. The paddock around the house, where this photo is taken, hasn’t had cattle in it for 2 years, we did leave some stubble there, but the wind and dust has done some damage. There is actual ripples in the ground from the wind blowing.
BRA_7048 Sunrise Goodwood

This is an amazing country. Our shire is only 61,000 square kilometres…. yes, I can hear you all saying “oh wow, that is huge” …but Australia comprises a land area of about 7.692 million square kilometres. Although this is just five per cent of the world’s land mass (149.45 million square kilometres)
BRA_7016 after sunset Goodwood

All the photos on this blog were taken this year, in the last 26 days and for 10 of these days, I was holidaying on the Sunshine Coast, a rare event, with my family. Yes my camera went with and yes was used every day.
BRA_6629 Sunshine on the water Sunshine Coast holidaySongs just come to you when you are snapping and the morning I took this photo while on holiday, John Denver was singing to me
🎶 Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy, sunshine in my eyes can make me cry.
Sunshine on the water looks so lovely, sunshine almost always makes me high. 🎶

I truly love the “colour” of this photo… is like one colour of many different shades.

Would make a good jigsaw. (for someone else to do 😉)

I love the smell, sound and feel of the sea but it is always good to be home again.

  1. pamela Gilmour 

    Love your photography Anne. I was brought up on the land, “Wakefield ” which is between Hillston and Ivanhoe, now live on the coastat Nelson Bay.Your pics are lovely memories of my childhood and I thank you so much for that.

  2. annbritton 

    G’day Pamela,
    It is truly my pleasure that my photography brings back lovely memories, I am really pleased thanks for letting me know,

  3. John 

    Dear Ann,

    It is such a joy to see your photo’s appear on my facebook feed. I love the big sky country west of the Great Dividing Range, and the channel country in particular. I could sit and watch its ebbs and flows from dawn till dusk.

    Cooped up in the office your facebook feed is a chance to escape for just a little while & a constant reminder that I need to get back out there.

    Love your photos and your blog, helping this city bound boy from a country town stay in touch with our wide brown land.

  4. annbritton 

    G’day John,
    Your comment made me smile, I have been in the office most of today and I’m itching to get out and I can look out onto big sky country and wide open spaces (even if a bit dry).
    So I just can’t imagine what it is like to be cooped up every day, so I am pleased my photos bring you joy, it really is my pleasure to do so and thanks for helping me with my challenge.
    I plan to put dinner in the oven and take the dogs for a walk down the lagoon to catch the evening light, it has been magic of late and there is some cloud about so that should add to the affect (cause they sure aren’t rain cloud) least they are good for something.
    Thanks heaps for dropping by and writing a comment, take care, Ann

  5. Amanda 

    I have just found your blog after searching for blogs by country Australian women. Love your photos. We just returned from four weeks of driving Australia and it has inspired me to connect with country bloggers!

  6. Joel Hoy 

    This is the only page I have checked out so far . but I like it all , and I will be checking out the rest. Since I have become acquainted with you, I enjoy chatting with you and seeing your photos from your neck of the woods. Which seems light years away from Colorado. If it is worth anything … I think your photography page is great!

  7. annbritton 

    Oh Joel, I totally admire your photos and love learning about your “nature” in your native Colorado. So much the same and so different to us as well. But the beauty of nature is still the same. Thanks for checking out my pages, appreciated. Sorry about my tardiness in replying. Ann

  8. John Keily 

    Piccaninny Daylight. I haven’t heard that expression in years! Best part of the day too, eh! Your photos are getting better and better Ann.

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