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Ann Britton Outback Photography

A pair of Brolgas

You will normally see brolgas in pairs.
This pair is hanging around just outside the house yard…on my way to a bore on Friday (a solar that needed to be turned off) this pair caught my eye so I went stalking, hunting and shooting…and I thought I would share some of the captures. They reminded me of old souls. So in sync with each other’s moves. So big, so graceful, so effortless their power in flying. I enjoyed their shapes, their movements, their shadows, their complete natural beauty. It was nice to see them still hanging around yesterday. These birds are very common in our part of the world, just nice to have them living so close, at the moment.


I did try to turn these photos into a slideshow via photoshop…the effects were very rewarding on some of the photos, but not all. So, more searching, more reading, more YouTube and general video watching, and I have learnt the optimum size for slideshow and how to go about making your photos, to fit. After starting the slideshow yesterday and working till midnight to finish today, to realise to get the best results I would have to start from scratch…I turned this photos into this blog instead.
I’m also learning about metadata…another way to protect images.
I thoroughly enjoy learning new things especially when it comes to photography. One thing you think I should know before taking photos is to check the lens cleanliness…these photos were ever so dust spotted, so that was time-consuming as well, “painting” off dust spots…a lesson I really didn’t need to learn, but it may make me look twice next time.

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