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Ann Britton Outback Photography

A stroll on The Strand Townsville

I have been in Townsville since Wednesday night and today is Mothers Day.
Amongst the shops, traffic, and chores that needed to be done I’ve been enjoying having meals cooked for me, good coffee, cocktails. Also there has been the enjoyment of my new surrounding setting. If you have followed my blogs you will know I truly enjoy the ocean, the smell, feel and look.
Let me share some of the photos I have taken over the last few days.
BRA_6859 copy
These beautiful gums are across the road from my accommodation.
BRA_6863 copy
The different colours of the leaves of this tree, with the afternoon shining through.
BRA_6864 copy
The sun kissing a frangipani making it whiter than white.
BRA_6883 copy
This view, is very easy on my eyes, the sea breeze was refreshing.
Walking down The Strand, it was a pleasure to see friends gathering lazing in folding chairs, picnic rug and basket spread out on the grassed area. There was also couples just sitting, lying, taking in the view on the grass, taking the time to spend the time together away from home. Solo people reading or just chilling. Of course there were families with children on bikes or scooters having a wonderful time. Amongst all of these were many four legged friends  Also joggers, walkers, runners, people on skate boards being pulled along by their dogs.
BRA_6869 copy
Bit of a challenge, in the afternoon sun, shadows from other trees, a bit of photography therapy was good for the soul amongst this beautiful landscape and fact I hadn’t had a snapping fix for some days.
BRA_6872 copy
A beautiful old building, known as the Seaview Pub, with this magnificent tree, a Curtain Fig, at its entrance.
BRA_6875 copy
Flying Fish?
BRA_6881 copy
What is an Australian beach without seagulls.
BRA_6886 copy
Just so happens, hiding in amongst all this tropical scenery, is a Coffee Club.
BRA_6889 copy
I just love these trees, so much character.
BRA_6892 copy
Different angles, different perspective. They drop their “roots” from the canopy, once these reach the ground they establish themselves, hence the shape of the trunk.
BRA_6897 copy
The view from the Coffee Club, yes that is Magnetic Island across the water.
BRA_6898 copy
Green lawns and plants, shady spectacular trees, sea breeze, beautiful weather, extremely relaxing surroundings.
BRA_6901 copy
Pretty sure I won’t be looking through any trees at home to see a container ship out on the ocean.
BRA_6906 copy
Trying to take photos without people or cars in them was a challenge, let alone street signs, light posts, rubbish bins, power boxes, power lines.

BRA_6905 copy
But without, at least people and dogs, this environment seems very empty, glorious, but very sterile.
IMG_4864 toes in the water Townsville
Yep I dipped my toes in the water.
There were warning signs all along the beach of stingers in the water and beaches were closed to swimming because of this.
IMG_4865 Townsville last light
The evening light was breath taking.
IMG_4866 Townsville last light
A seagull following his mates over the water at last light.
At this time of day and first light, numerous parrots fly over, making the air full of squawking, either finding or leaving their roost in the palm trees.
IMG_4869 Townsville last light
Just a tad romantic.
BRA_6908 copy
My studio room was on the third floor of this apartment building, just back from The Strand, and in the background, the very famous landmark of Townsville, Castle Hill.
BRA_6857 Shimmering water Townsville
The view from my balcony was very easy to handle, just love the shimmering water.
BRA_6910 Mother's Day Flower
In the garden of the apartments was this beautiful Hibiscus. Tomorrow I head home. I hope all the “Mums”, had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

  1. Anne@GritandGiggles 

    Ahhh … I am reading this after having been out on one of the beaches north of Cairns at sunrise. I used to stay at a place near the Seaview. They have good night entertainment and I didn’t even have to leave my room to listen to it. I hear you with the people, light posts, cars, powerlines, etc as they always get in the way here too. That coffee club makes for a good breakfast. I do miss the sunrise and sunset walks along the Strand. I thought they normally brought the stinger nets in this month but they are still out here as well. I think it is a bit warmer than normal for this time of year. I hope you enjoyed relaxing by the ocean. I headed inland for the weekend, Chillago and the Walsh River. It wasn’t long enough but so nice to head back to wide open spaces and dirt roads. I had forgotten about the smell of dust through the car.

  2. annbritton 

    yes ahhhh that smell of dust, that is the same sigh and added smile I had as I walked into the full cattle yards yesterday Anne.
    It was an unexpected trip to Townsville and I thought it best to enjoy as much as I could amongst “business,” you know, the little things.
    Maybe my wide open spaces spoil me with no “noise” amongst the landscape but the view on The Stand even in the “noise” is valued very much.
    Yes that coffee club is a good stop over during walks 🙂

  3. Jane 

    Glad you got your coffee fix, your seaside fix and also your snapping fix so that we could enjoy your temporary sea change along with you Ann! Like you I love those trees.

  4. annbritton 

    oh Jane, thanks so much, glad you can appreciate my pleasures so much, love the way you put it, cheers.

  5. Greg Phelan 

    Pleased that you hade a good break from the dust storms and harsh conditions of Goodwood over the past months, Goodwood will be pleased to see you back, it will have put on i’ts makeup for you. Now a rev too many phone pics, a serious photographer should never take pics on a phone, phones are for talking to people cameras are for taking pics, by safe trip,7SHV

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