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April Muster Mudgeacca

When we, #GoodwoodCrew and chopper pilots, were able to witness a sunrise like this, on April Fools day and our country and the world, are in the grip of Coronavirus #covid_19…I felt overwhelmed with being completely blessed in the moment.
My YouTube video of this muster shows-off the skills of my iPhone and #DameDrone so I thought it best to let #BadBoy have his turn too. (Except for the last two photos)
So I will make this a photo-blog, on behalf of #BadBoy, enjoy.

Storms in the morning, in April, not really the norm, not much moisture but made a great sunrise.

A little cutie amongst the first mobs brought together.
A panorama looking south-ish. East south south
Having a bit of fun with #Badboy. It looked pretty neat with the naked eye. That light.
Just for a bit of fun.
Cows and calves, or are they weaners?
Beautiful 7QH cow. I can tell by the earmark. Paddock identification. Easy.
No social distancing for these buddies, showing they care.
Good role models or not?
There may have been some Hereford bulls amongst these cows. Just a guess.
A white, dirty face having a rest near its mother, in the mustered mob.

A bought cow, cross branded 7QH, with her calf, having a break while in the mustered mob, waiting for the others to be gathered out of the channels.

Junior with his first passenger, in the back seat of Millie.

Scotty flying the channels, spotting cattle, to start walking towards the flat where the mob is getting bigger.

The chopper pilots do such a great job, that our bike riders don’t have to negotiate the channels.

Curious 7QH cow, with a snotty nose, fluffy ears and those flies.

Got a few free-loaders.

Nine-year-old 7QH cow, note the 1 under the 7, on her rump brand. This could possibly be her 7th or 8th calf, so she knows this routine of feed time. I think her face says that.

Poor girl, she might know the drill on how to raise a calf, that has already worked out how to use her teeth on her udder. Cheeky bugger.

Oh, those Hereford genes are strong. Yes, this is “mum and calf” combo. Not long after this photo was taken we picked up this calf.

There were a few cows that thought they needed to assert their authority, in the mob, as we walked them towards the yards.

How we appreciate our skilled mustering pilots in their flying machine. A touch more prouder of this one. Boulia Lad. He and his wife bought a local business, doing it tough this year with no tourist. They are raising their young family in Boulia.

See-ya. Thanks, Scotty for your skills, fly safe.

They decide to butt heads just before the holding paddock. The windmill with no head, is the watering point for the holding paddock.

yep they are fair dinkum…boys will be boys I suppose

…obviously with a point to prove

…the power of persuasion
A moving, dusty mirage coming across the flat towards the mob.

Not too sure which one wants a breather or to think about their actions. #stinkyeye

Neither is relenting.

It’s dangerous for a bike and rider to intervene, although they do at times. These two would continue until one gives up. Considering the mob is moving on, I intervened with Millie, at the opportune time. No damage was done to bulls or Millie.

#BossMan and Uncle Doug #UD turned up just before we put the mob in the holding paddock. The other mob was coming from the east to put their mob in the same holding paddock.

The young calves had done well to walk the distance. If they have their Mums, most to the time, they can walk any distance we muster. Of course, if needed, we have breaks for the cattle and us.

She is not his mother, but she has been and will be again, a mother. Beautiful 7QH cow. We appreciate our cows being such good mums to their calves.
Nearly, there little fellow, you and your Mum have done so well.

I had to help put the cattle in the holding paddock. So no taking photos. Full concentration to work as a team to get the mob in the holding paddock and then help the other mob into the holding paddock as well. It was about midday or a bit after that both mobs were in the holding paddock.
We left the mob to mother up and rest, until about 5pm when we yarded them and penned some up.

2 April 2020. These days I have the privilege of turning up at daylight or sunrise, with the rest of the crew, taking a couple of photos, especially with #DameDrone, then going home. Back in the day there would be no time for photos & I’d be ready to help draft, all day.
The crew are penning up the cattle, ready to start drafting. The two mobs that were mustered yesterday, were penned up looser overnight, after being yarded. You can see the two pens used overnight, these pens are needed for drafting.
1712 head in the Mudgeacca yard. If you missed my #YouTube footage of the muster and drafting you and find it here.

Footnote:  The ratio of bulls to cows, for us, is usually 1:40 or even 30. Some may say you only need 1:50.



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