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Ann Britton Outback Photography

Big Sky Country, uncut

I love the challenge of using my constant companion – my camera – to capture the magic of Mother Nature.

I find no need to photoshop any feature of her display.

I thought I would do a blog where the photos do most of the talking.

Hope you enjoy some sunsets and sunrises that I have captured this year.

Goodwood windmill sunrise

Goodwood’s near famous windmill, sunrise.

sunrise Bloodwoods 2

I’ve had the chance to take photographs of sunrises, a couple times lately away from home, this is about 40km to east of us, at an area called The Bloodwoods. Can you see the windmill?
I would like to dedicate this photo of my brother Ronald, I know he would adore this 11th April.

sunrise Goodwood

Heading up to Black Mountain to muster and do some cattle yard work I captured this while opening a gate. We adults were having fun finding shapes in the clouds. Hubby said there was a “bear in there!” Great imagination do you think?

Goodwood Sunrise

Picaninny daylight, magic time of the day, the earth is still to roll around to show the sun.
sunrise Bloodwoods trees

Oh to have trees in my Outback sunrise, something new, I was  traveling to Lucknow and onto Longreach, another capture at The Bloodwood.

sunrise gas pipe line

Same sunrise as 11th above but a bit more sun poking through, just a few minutes makes all difference to colour. Plus a few km down the track.

B & B's sunset

We were visiting our neighbours, B&B one afternoon, another different backdrop for a wonderful sunset.

loader 5 mile sunset

Not too often I get to photograph a Deere in a easterly sunset moonlit sky.

sunrise Goodwood morning star

There is a slither of a moon and star above the old hangar. Sunrise at Goodwood.
sunrise looking west moon

The colours in this were pure magic, the light pastels so delicate. Looking west at sunrise, it was a morning I wish many could be with me to witness such a wonderful painted sky by Mother Nature.
sunset over lagoon

Looks like the trees and water in lagoon are on fire. Sunset Goodwood

5 mile windmill moon

Green feed, pastel eastern sky at sunset with a windmill and moon, great combinations. 5mile Goodwood, last night with a turkey nest. (Reason Deere was waiting for daylight next morning)

Goodwood sunset eclipse moon

Looking west as tonights Lunar Eclipse was happening in the east.

cow calf Goodwood start moon eclipse

As the Lunar Eclipse was just starting to happen, a tentative Brahman cow and her young calf were walking out from water.

sunset Goodwood eclipse moon

The western sky over looking Goodwood as the sun, earth and moon align.
nearly full eclipse moon cow calf
Mum and baby unaware of the shadow on the moon, nearly completely gone, with the first stars of the night able to be seen. An amazing sky when viewed in #bigskycountry.

  1. Merry-Anne 

    Lovely blog; beautiful sunsets & sunrises. No mountains or trees to get in the way. So different.

  2. annbritton 

    Your comment made me smile Merry-Anne “no mountains or trees to get in the way” I love visiting new country, we just did a visit up to Mareeba, lots of mountains and tree with heaps of rain while we were there. Wonderful to go for drives in the country side, see the waterfalls, amazing stuff. But I seem to breath easier when the land flattens out and you can see for miles.
    Thanks for taking the time to comment with your kind words, appreciated. Ann

  3. bushboy 

    I love sunrises and sunsets….you have much more sky than I…..

  4. annbritton 

    Thanks Bushboy 😉 for stopping by and making comment, appreciated. Yes we can see lots of sky out this way, which helps make amazing sunrises and sunsets easier to capture, Ann

  5. Jeffrey 

    Well done Ann, always get a lift when I see scenes such as these although much prefer to be there myself LOL.

  6. annbritton 

    Thanks Jeffrey, yes I must admit seeing it in the flesh is so much better, but I’m glad seeing the photographs give you a lift, that is a nice thought, Ann

  7. BB 

    Just gorgeous Ann- more more!!!!

  8. annbritton 

    Thanks, you are too kind BB, yes more to come, Ann

  9. Anne@GritandGiggles 

    There is just something special about sunset and sunrise. They can make a bad day great, they can clear the mind, they can make you realise how beautiful nature and life is and they are usually perfect just as nature intended. Love these photos and am just a little jealous of your lunar eclipse photos, it was cloudy here.

  10. annbritton 

    Thanks Anne, after all the years I lived in big skies, sunrises and sunsets, night skies still stop me in my tracks. Usually makes me put everything into prospective, make me smile and take a moment.
    Sorry you missed the lunar eclipse and thanks very much for stopping by and leaving your lovely comment, appreciated, Ann

  11. John 

    Oh, sunrises are very special. They mean you’ve lived to see another day!

  12. annbritton 

    I personally think that is one terrific way of identifying sunrises John, have done it many times, Ann

  13. Jane Way 

    Magical moments and thank you so much for sharing them with us Ann. Particularly love the brahman cow and calf oblivious to the lunar eclipse….they are all beautiful!

  14. annbritton 

    Thanks Jane, it is truly a great pleasure of mine, sharing my photos with you and appreciate greatly that you enjoy them.
    Brahman Mum really didn’t want to play the “smile for camera” game. I followed her and calf across flat, for basically the whole eclipse, LOL. Ann

  15. CountryMum 

    Beautiful blog post. Love your sunrises, sunsets and the huge horizon that you have out there.

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