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Ann Britton Outback Photography


We have some magic little visitors to a part of our Outback, they have arrived because there is feed for them. The last time I saw Budgerigars in numbers like this was in 2009, it’s great to see them back again.
Budgies in flight

It amazes me how they don’t crash into one another. Their astonishing synchronisation I don’t think man has mastered yet in any form.

budgies in flight 2

Part of one of our blocks, Lucknow, received a lovely drop of rain at the beginning of December. Nature has a logical natural way of knowing where food is.

Brolgas, galah, budgies
Brolgas and the ever present galahs can be found near the now full dam, as budgies fly close by.

Ducks water hens

Native water hens and ducks have also used natural instinct to gather where food and water is in abundance.

budgies and cattle

When driving to take these order diclofenac sodium photos, flocks of budgies in waves of different sizes, flew by and over the car. With my car window down the endless chirping makes the waves come alive, with noise as well as movement.

Budgies in distance

I had limited time today to capture these tiny birds which fascinate me so much. Where ever you looked on the horizon you could witness moving black clouds. The knowledge that these tiny green flocks of birds are creating these clouds, while moving between feeding spots on the ground, makes me question, where did they come from?

IMGP4275_edited-3 copy taken Oct 09




In October 2009, while in the channels closer to Boulia, I had the opportunity to capture these lovely little birds up close.

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