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Ann Britton Outback Photography

Change of Colours in #BigSkyCountry within 12 Hours

As long as I live out here I’m pretty sure that I won’t ever stop being amazed by the colour changes that Mother Nature paints on our skies.
All these photos were taken on the 21 May between 6.39.44am to 6.19.54pm

7.09am is sunrise, I find the best colour in the morning sky is pre sunrise and with some cloud the sky seems more glorious.
The sun will rise basically in the middle of this photo
note power pole to right
In summer time the sun rises basically in the middle of this photo
note: same power pole to left….to give you some idea of the movement of the sun (or should I say earth)
Goodwood windmill always seems to make a rather impressive statement
….move….that is what you learn when in endeavour to take landscape photos…to get a different angle on a view
The colour is intensifying the closer we get to sunrise.

So so so pretty the sky

Amazing colour and cloud shapes.

The concentration of the colour is just above the horizon, the rest of the sky…. tiny wisps of scattered cloud.

The colour becomes even stronger…

…..6.48.43am the yellow is gone, replaced by red and the clouds seem to be black.

BRA_9296 When you are watching this transforming with your own eyes it is truly amazing to witness.BRA_9300

The energy and concentrated colour as the time draws closer to the suns appearance.


Let Mother buy diclofenac potassium online uk Nature just show off my windmill with different colours with in 11mins, she is so clever.

That magic old sun seems to take all the shine off the sky when it wants to arrive.

As the colour wades more 6.54.18am for the sunrise at 7.09am I leave Mother Nature to do her business.
BRA_9311 5.49.52 pm Coming home from town with the sun behind me, this is the view when I head south at our turn off.BRA_9318

Bit of fun taking photos into the sun and the cloud adding to the lovely view.

Once I arrived home and outside doing chores, it’s 6.13.11pm, the eastern sky after sunset (which was at 6.05pm) is a lovely pink, dressing the Goodwood windmill again, with an amazing backdrop.
So post sunset the colours are just gobsmacking, with the cloud to show them off.

Looking north west, and the cloud pattern just adds to the glory of the sky.
The hint of reflection of the sky colour in the lagoon water, while the cloud shows off the last of the days colour.
At this point I am getting seriously bitten my mossies and the four dogs are with me having a great time together.

On my way back to the house, the cloud above me reminded me of the colours of a galah, pink and grey, so special.
And that ended my day of sky photos 6.19.54pm

  1. Greg P 

    As I have said before and will proberely say again the adjectives in the English dictionary are not good enough four your pics Ann absoultley stunning.

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