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Ann Britton Outback Photography

Christmas Time Goodwood 2014

Usually we swelter on Christmas Day in Outback Queensland, 2014 has been totally different, overcast and cool, no air cons were turned on, so it made for a very pleasant day with a big promise (hope) there may be rain involved.
ABR_1777 bore run
Rick and I went on a bore run out to Clearview, first thing Christmas morning, to check the bores and to see if we have been under any storms #stormcasing  We received a phone call from our son Thomas as we drove around, wishing us Merry Christmas, yes we are blessed. The 14 mile had a clogged up overflow outlet. So Rick cleared that, so water wasn’t going over the top of tank but flowing out of the outlet hole, where there is poly pipe attached. The cattle have an option of either drinking from the trough provided or from the bit of a hole in the creek where overflow water runs in.
ABR_1780 turkey
Our Christmas Turkey, so to speak. A Bustard Bird or plains turkey having a drink from the over flow water in the creek at 14 mile.
ABR_1782 9 mile
Liquid gold. We didn’t find any new rain fall to record but we did find our 9 mile creek full of water. Previous storm rain over this water course has filled the human dug water hole further along this creek, so any additional water is a wonderful bonus.
ABR_1784 Bindiacker
Bengeacca (pronounced Bin-gi-acker by locals) is the first water course you cross, on the Outback Way, once you leave Boulia. The sound of this running water over the rocks was very relaxing. We have to cross this to get to Clearview a few kilometres down the road.
ABR_1783 Bengeacca facing north
Bengeacca facing north (other side of crossing) a popular swimming hole for locals and visitors, and camping spot for tourist.
ABR_1785 Rick cutting ham breakfast
When we returned home Rick cooked ham and eggs on BBQ, decked out in a Santa hat.
IMG_4100 selfie with Junior
I took selfies with Junior, who wasn’t too impresses with the reindeer ears/antlers LOL
IMG_4103 wine & bubbly
Claire and I decided to have a Christmas drink for breakfast, cause it’s Christmas and we can.
IMG_4106 Breakfast
Christmas Breakfast
IMG_4104 Claire & I
Christmas Cheers
IMG_4109 wrapping paper
Christmas wrapping paper that I thought was very cute.
Untitled-1 gift & card from Rick
My gift from #BossMan
IMG_4110 Secret Santa
My very special Secret Santa gift #blessed
ABR_1786 Bruiser with present
Bruiser, one half a very special couple, who we are so very proud to call friends and class as family, who joined us for Christmas lunch and dinner. Bruiser is very pleased with our Christmas gifts to him. One very special human being.
IMG_4112 jigsaw Christmas ornaments
Rick and I were given these jigsaw Christmas tree ornaments from a couple that were VISE tutors for our kids about 18 years ago, they still send us a gift every year at Christmas. I put them together and added them to our tree, they look great.
IMG_4113 Rick's foot trot book
Remember Footrot Flats? Claire gave her father the book for Christmas. Many happy memories in this book, remembering the laughs it has gathered over the years.
IMG_4114 Nutri Bullet
Boxing Day morning I used the Christmas gift that Claire gave to #BossMan and I. The juicer may need to be sold I think.
ABR_1788 1st calf heifer
Rick, Claire and I jumped in my car Millie and went and picked Bruiser up Boxing Day morning. We went on a bore run to 5 mile Hedford and Queen Vera. Notice the green pick coming through? Just needs a bit more follow up rain. Was lovely to see our girls, first calf heifers, making milk and getting ready to calf. Little dots, in the distance, beside heifers, was a tell tale sign some heifers have delivered their calves. New borns, on fresh feed, we as beef producers couldn’t ask for a better start for these calves lives and that of their mothers.

Boxing Day morning, at the house, we measured 3mm, today 27th December we measured another 3mm and it has rained nicely for a few hours today for another 6.5mm. Beautiful soaking, grass growing rain, it is still sprinkling now 🙂
IMG_4117 copy horse paddock
Our horse paddock (now 27th December 5pm)
IMG_4118 out front
Out the front of Goodwood (now 27th December 5pm)

To say that I have had “enough” of all things I am grateful for over this Christmas time, would be an understatement. Hoping your Christmas time was as enjoyable as mine was.

  1. Rebecca 

    Thank you for sharing a bit of your life

  2. annbritton 

    It is my pleasure Rebecca, thanks for taking the time to read and stop by with a comment. Appreciate that very much.

  3. BB 

    Feeling your (measured) joy and willing some more rain your way. Your cup doesn’t QUITE runneth over just yet!

  4. annbritton 

    Not yet but we still have hope Bush Babe so I would think it is just a waiting game for our cup to runneth over. Thanks heaps for looking out for us and willing of rain 🙂 that is so nice of you.

  5. Merry-Anne 

    I think, maybe next year, I need to have Christmas with you; such simple pleasures. Time to hop off this roundabout and head west. Hoping more rain finds you soon.

  6. annbritton 

    We had a wonderfully cool Christmas this year Merry-Anne, usually rather hot. But if you feel the trip west gets you off the roundabout then maybe you should visit. Yes more rain for a large area would be very welcomed by many, thanks for your wishes.

  7. Mr Glen and Mrs Beryl 

    Thanks for the card with details about your blogs. We looked up a lot of them at once. Spent nearly an hour checking up on all your activities and thoughts of living in the bush. We often think of you and wonder how the weather is treating you. Best wishes
    Glen and Beryl.

  8. annbritton 

    Oh thanks so much Mr Glen and Mrs Beryl, you are often remembered of fondly around our table and we treasure Mrs Beryl special cards and your gifts every year. Wishing you nothing but good health.

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