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Colours of a Goodwood morning

I’ve often talked of the challenge of the light in my wide open spaces home. To convey it back to those that view my photos just as I see it, as I think it is magical just as nature provides it. Not a day goes by that I’m not smiling at some view that I witness outside my window, whether that is our house, or vehicle.
The last two morning there has been no cloud, which usually means a sunrise that isn’t too magical, lovely enough but not super special. ┬áBut what was special about this morning was the colour of the sky. It was near white.
Without the colour of the coming sun the sky seemed the palest blue, buy diclofenac cream light grey, white. To know that I have witnessed and taken this same sky the bluest blue, dark with cloud, red with dust just adds to my amazement of my challenge to capture the light.
Add the light on the horizon and it changes again…..
…..and in the west….
…..pastel colours of pinks and blues.
BRA_7422 sunrise
Then the sun appears…..
…..and we are blessed to have another day of this one star, amongst 100 billion in our solar system, just in the right position for life to exist on earth, grace us with another 13hours of daylight on this summer day in February.

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