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Ann Britton Outback Photography

Creeks Running, Green Pic, Amazing Skies

We have been blessed with storm rain in some paddocks.
#BossMan and I measured 20mm at Scarsdale Lagoon Solar 12 January obviously there has been more rain before this.
We had to park car away from rain gauge as the ground was so boggy.
NYR_2706 copy
On 17 January #BossMan measured another 20mm
IMG_4191 copy
During my bore run on the 26 April 2014, these bullocks that have been sold since, were taken standing beside Lagoon Solar tanks
IMG_3021 copy
This boy was standing just the other side of the Lagoon Solar tanks
IMG_3023 copy
We have had some amazing skies 8.15pm 14 January
NYR_2843 copy
6.06am 16 January
NYR_2851 copy
Just three minutes later….
NYR_2854 copy
14 January #BossMan and I took a drive to Clearview. The first creek, on the Outback Way, inside Clearview is Dumbbell, by the debris left on the road, we calculated it ran over one metre in height. I thought the debris laying on this side would make great mulch, but it was discovered to be full of centipedes.
NYR_2832 copy
We have a rain gauge near our 14 Mile on the road, we had measured 32mm for January from this rain gauge (see the hint of green)
NYR_2834 copy
This time #BossMan tipped out 50mm #getexcited
NYR_2835 copyThere was a bit of excitement in the Goodwood camp 15 January…the Burke River was coming up.
The Burke River system is a channel system and a bit like the “Dem Bones” song

The Sandy Channel, which is about 3km east of town, runs first, when the Sandy gets full enough….
The Burke, just on the eastern edge of Boulia runs and when it gets high enough….
the Nine Mile runs which is 14.5km east of Boulia…..
when the Nine Mile gets high enough the Five Mile runs which is 10km east of Boulia.

If we have a super duper flood and all the rivers are high enough the water runs buy diclofenac potassium online across the ground and joins all of them together.

With the reports from up river we are hoping with this flood water that the Nine Mile will run.

The Burke, Sandy, Nine Mile and Five Mile all run through paddocks on Goodwood and another block just north of Goodwood, of ours called Hedford. So even though we haven’t received the rain to make the rivers run, rain that has fallen 150-180km north of here, we  benefit from.

Also remembering Mucklindarma 40km north, runs through Scarsdale, it runs into the Burke too.
Mucklindarma 12 January under 0.2 on the crossing looking west.
NYR_2694 Mucklindarma crossing looking west
Mucklindarma looking east from the crossing 12 January
#BossMan & I seen a small black goanna waltz on into these rapids from the south side, it was swept down stream and when we returned from checking Lagoon Solar rain gauge (20 mins), the goanna was making its way across road on north side. Clever goanna.
NYR_2710 Mucklindarma looking east
On 16 January all the Goodwood Crew pile into “Tigger” our dual cab Mitsubishi Canter “which loves to bounce” and go to check out the water in the creeks. Yes it is a big deal.
This is the Nine Mile looking north.
NYR_2869 copy
The Nine Mile doesn’t have any permanent waterholes. This view is looking south.
NYR_2871 copy
The Sandy Channel had a run in it 7 January looking upstream (north)
NYR_2642 copy
Sandy 16 January looking upstream
NYR_2875 copy
Burke River 16 January looking upstream
NYR_2881 copy
Burke River 27 November 2013
YBF_6667 27 11 2013 dry Burke
In July last year, thanks to rain at Darjarra, 150km away, the Burke did get a fair run in it.
YBF_6690 30 11 2013 wet Burke
15 January 7.40pm Looking across the Burke River into the town of Boulia
NYR_2846 flooded Burke
This mornings sunrise with windmill and sliver of the moon
NYR_2886 copy
This mornings sunrise, it was pink earlier on, golden as sun pokes its head up.
NYR_2887 copy


  1. Paul Cox 

    What a difference from just a few months back when I visited Ann!
    The change is astounding and I for one am so glad for the rain that you have had be it scattered. Far better than nothing.
    Now to repair the fences taken out by the water but I will bet that Rick will take having to repair fencing for water damage any day of the year.

    So very pleased for you!

  2. annbritton 

    Thanks so much Paul, yes a huge difference, really have to experience to believe it. Truly does look like different country. Yes, not too many complain about fencing when taken out by water 🙂

  3. peter simpson 

    Marvellous! Let it rain…across the ranges across the plains. Let it rain let the rivers run! I can sense the jubilation. So good to see green tinge transforming the dusty brown land. Lake Eyre will fill again!

  4. annbritton 

    It may take a fair bit more for Lake Eyre to fill again Peter, but it is a marvellous start. Your comments made me smile, like the words were singing and it is exactly how we feel about the creeks running and the rain we have been lucky enough to receive. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

  5. CountryMum 

    I had been wondering if you had received some rain. So glad to read and see you that you did. It is awesome news!! Enjoy!

  6. annbritton 

    Thanks so much for thinking of us CountryMum 🙂 We have been extremely blesses as some have received none at all. Lots of large gaps where it is still very dry, so hoping for general rain for all. Lots of activity so everyone is still hopeful.

  7. Dwane Morvik 

    Looks like you all have finally gotten some well deserved rains. Good on ya!

  8. annbritton 

    G’day Dwane, the water in the creeks came from 150km away, but we are extremely lucky to receive the rain we have to green up some paddock. Some follow up would be great and to fill in the gaps. Some people have yet to receive any rain. There is still activity up north so we are still hopeful.
    Thanks heaps for dropping by and making a comment, appreciated.

  9. Danny Greenhalgh 

    The creeks look nearly as tasty as my International Roast coffee. Lovely stuff Ann.

  10. annbritton 

    Oh you are a card Danny, thanks very much, Ann

    PS I have missed yarning with you, great to hear from you, have been wondering about you 🙂

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