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Ann Britton Outback Photography

Different hues of an Outback Sunrise

I’ve lived in Outback Australia for nearly 34 years, in all that time I have never tired of the scenery and I haven’t missed too many sunrises either. They still take my breath away and leave me standing in awe.
So I thought I would share one with you.
When I looked out after 6am and seen the cloud in the east I knew it would make a great sunrise.
The crew were fed, packed up with lunch and gone, so it was just the dogs, camera and me to enjoy sunrise at home.
This sunrise was taken 16 May 2015 (yesterday)
The first photo was taken at 6.37.15am (yes that is down to seconds) the last 7.12.26am
I took 37 photos in total of the sunrise but sharing 16 of them with you.
BRA_6961 copy
What I see as I round the house to the north side, note the moon!
BRA_6963 copy
Like wow, just wow, pretty special hey! 6.38.44am
BRA_6964 copy
Bringing that golden colour a little closer 6.38.52am
BRA_6965 copy
BRA_6968 copy
Can you guess where the sun will come up? 6.42.40am
BRA_6970 copy
My favourite windmill contributing to making another sunrise that little bit more special 6.45.36am
BRA_6972 copy
The moon is just clinging to show its presence generic diclofenac sodium against the power of the sun’s light 6.56.09
BRA_6973 copy
The clouds colour intensifies the closer to the time of the sun appearing 6.56.31am
BRA_6976 copy
Then it lightens just before the sun showing itself 6.57.44am
BRA_6979 copy
Everything becomes lighter, even the sky colour where there is no cloud 7.01.37am
BRA_6981 copy
As if the sun needs all the attention on it, all the “colour” surrounds it, like a spotlight, it makes its presence in the sky of a brand new day 7.06.11am
BRA_6982 copy
BRA_6983 copy
BRA_6986 copy
BRA_6987 copy
Zooming in the see the golden wonder of the colour and the tops of the clouds being kisses by the sun’s light 7.08.32
BRA_6997 copy
Standing in the chilly morning, enjoying the company of our three four legged friends and their antics, witnessing and capturing another magic Outback sunrise always brings a smile to my face. 7.12.26
Hope you enjoyed viewing it as much as I enjoy sharing, knowing how blessed I am to be able to capture scenes like this.
If you were asked to pick your favourite, which one would you pick?
I would love to know please.
Maybe leave the time taken in the comments, thanks.

  1. Anne@GritandGiggles 

    I love the close up of the windmill and tank along with the sunrise at 6:56/ 6:57. What a beautiful sunrise! Like you I never tire of them.

  2. annbritton 

    Thanks Anne, it truly was a very special sunrise, they are very hard to tire of aren’t they. Thanks for your picks too Anne, appreciated.

  3. Merry-Anne 

    I love the closeup of the windmill and also the clouds being kissed by the sun, so I’ll go with both in 7.12.26am. Just what we were all waiting for; the sunrise. Thanks for the lovely morning shots, I was up early for our Ag show but didn’t have the time or camera ready.

  4. annbritton 

    Thanks so much for picking out the ones you like Merry-Anne
    It is a pleasure to take shot that people like yourself appreciate, cause I enjoy them regardless 🙂
    Hope your Ag Show went well. Many out our way have been reduced to one day or cancelled altogether due to the ongoing drought.

  5. Jane@earthapplejane 

    A great sunrise series Ann! I love the second photo with the sliver of moon there too. Great.

  6. annbritton 

    Oh Jane you picked one, that is great, I find it so hard to do so at time, thanks for your kind comment.

  7. nathalia 

    Absolutely gorgeous!! Such amazing photos.

  8. annbritton 

    Thanks Nathalia for dropping by and leaving such a lovely comments, appreciated and glad you enjoyed

  9. Greg Phelan 

    I love em all esp that mill, but my pick is 7.08.15am as the sun peeps around the corner of the old shed lik a mischievious puppy. Greg

  10. annbritton 

    Yes I found it hard to pick one Greg, reason for me showing all the different changes in one sunrise. I find them all interesting & marvel at the colours. Ann

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