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Dust, Storms, Clear Skies

We are in the same boat as many in Qld, NT, WA and no doubt other parts of Australia, waiting for it to rain. It has been lovely to hear of late those lucky enough to be under storm rain, that creeks are running, some for the first time in four years. This afternoon our daughter walked inside and stated “bit of dust happening out to the south, you might want to shut your windows Mum” Considering we have had a bit of raised dust before storms lately, I didn’t think that much of it until I walked onto our inside veranda and saw this out of the laundry window.

Laundry window

I could hear Rick calling me to get my camera. Meanwhile he has already announced to SM our pending dust storm. Yes it is really only raised dust from the storm behind it but people will call it a dust storm out of habit more than anything.
dust 2

Rick’s Nana told me of one dust storm they experienced at the Hamilton Pub, when four men where needed to lift a double bedspread off a bed as it was so heavy, full of dust. That they shovelled the dust out of the pub and put wet clothes over the faces of Rick and his brother as they were so small, to help them with their breathing. Dust storms like this could last for hours.
dust 3

There would have been no air-conditioning in those days and I can only imagine if these dust storms hit at night that the added darkness would make living through one of these more testing on the character of the people getting on with what needed to be done in the situation.

windmill dust cloud 2

looking north dust
I have witnessed buy diclofenac injections online plenty of dust storms, one even lasting hours, but the last real dust storm I seen was about 25 years ago. We were living in town at the time and I couldn’t see the other side of the street for a great length of time. Our son was a baby and I put a wet cloth over his nose and mouth for the same reason his father and uncle had it done to them at the Hamilton Pub.

Dust hit

The wind gets a lot stronger and dust thicker just before storm, hopefully, hits. I had dust sticking to my skin and felt it in my mouth when I ventured outside to take this shot.

after dust clear skies

The raised dust this afternoon didn’t last long, we received a few spots of rain for the layer of dust left behind in the house. The words “domestic goddess” will never be written on my headstone, it is more annoying not to have received a nice fall of storm rain than thinking of the housework the dust created.

windmill clear skies

When the dust cleared and the storm that created it fell elsewhere there were clear skies and more storms in different areas of the sky.

galahs in the gum trees

Pretty galahs resting in the gum trees, sheltering from the dust and heat, no doubt hoping it will rain soon too.

clear skies looking south

We are very thankful these aren’t dry storms. There has been great displays of lightning, way off in the distance, some nights, but all with moisture in them.
clear skies looking north

Another day closer to rain, but it is building and we still have hope, the monsoon is moving south. The 16th has been mentioned as the day we will receive rain, fingers crossed.

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