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Ann Britton Outback Photography

Early Bore Run

Last Saturday, #BossMan, Anthony and Ronald went and pulled Bruiser’s bore, there was a hole in the 2nd length of casing. The weather has been just suffocatingly hot. They didn’t pull all the casing out, just replaced the casing with the hole and put everything back down. No wind. So they drove away not knowing if their work was successful or not. Which isn’t a favoured thing to do after pulling a bore.
So this morning #BossMan and myself drove 180km round trip to check Bruiser’s bore, 15mile and The Valley at Black Mountain. 120km were on sealed road, the rest dirt.
I thought you would like to experience the sky/sunrise that #BossMan and I experienced this morning.
BR5_3801 copy
The very first photo I took this morning at 6.03am we had travelled nearly 70km and I had just opened the 4th gate of the morning (reason #BossMan asked me along :-)) and our boundary gate.
BR5_3802 copy
Same spot zoomed in
BR5_3803 copy
#bigskycountry to the left (north) of the shower was a storm cloud with active lightning to the right was basically clear sky.BR5_3805 copy
With the cattle yards at the 15mile to the left, hoping this gives you an idea of scale.
BR5_3807 copy
Close up with the cattle yards in view 6.07am
We have to head west from 15mile to Bruiser’s bore and return to 15mile
BR5_3808 copy
6.23am at Bruiser’s bore, that was pumping, yippee
BR5_3810 copy
There could possibly be a bit of a north wind, do you think?
BR5_3811 copy
Add a bit more sky
BR5_3814 copy
and a big more sky and landscape
BR5_3815 copy
Showing south of the shower, near clear skies.
Now #BossMan has been extremely good this morning, very tolerant of my photo snapping. Waiting for me at boundary gate patiently, stopped for the yard photos, but he had checked Bruiser’s and was heading home with a fair bit more to do today.
BR5_3816 copy
I said “Wow how awesome is that, look at that sun highlighting those clouds, isn’t that a magic sight” so #BossMan stopped and angled the Toyota and everything for me to get this shot. Brownie points for #BossMan
BR5_3823 copy
This was snapped from a travelling Toyota, thankfully for me the road needs grading, due to some wonderful storm rain we have received so #BossMan had to slow for rough bits.
BR5_3824 copy
I have become accustomed to snapping on the run, from the passenger side of a moving vehicle #BossMan thought this would be a good photo with the trees so he did stop for me 🙂
BR5_3826 copy
This one snapped on the move, between side mirror and bonnet 6.36amBR5_3827 copy
15mile cattle yards, had to stop for gate 🙂 From here we headed north to check The Valley, the sun being on #BossMan’s side, no more snapping for me. There really wasn’t anything I wanted to take and I’m sure he would have stopped for me 🙂
BR5_3829 copy
Nearly the same spot I took the first photo of the cattle yards at but at 7.21am
After checking the 15mile we headed home where we arrived at 8.20am. #BossMan loaded bikes for a job Claire and himself are doing over at Lucknow today and I cooked bacon, fried onion, tomato and eggs for breakfast.




  1. Jane 

    Wow Ann, these sunrise photos are magnificent, and haven’t you trained #BossMan so well! Seems like you have a good arrangement, both coming to the aid of the other. So glad the pump was working. Bye for now, Jane

  2. Olivia 

    Lovely photos Ann. I especially like the one #bossman stopped for and allowed you to take of the sun highlighting the clouds!! You’re obviously a good gate-opener too! 😉


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