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Ann Britton Outback Photography

Early trips to The Mountain

The wind lately has been just rude: strong, lazy, and unforgiving to any part of your skin that is exposed. Yes we need wind, yes we need winter, but does it have to be so generous?
Yesterday I was part of the crew heading to The Mountain. On Thursday, the crew had mustered “the Valley” side of The Mountain and put the cattle mustered in the yards at the 15 Mile.
BRA_6919 Chopper Goodwood taking off to Mountain for muster
Boss Man got to go in the chopper from Goodwood, as the chopper pilot was a new one and didn’t know the area.
BRA_6924 Rick in Chopper Goodwood to Mountain
As Boss Man gave me the thumbs up as he flew overhead…..
BRA_6929 Chopper Goodwood heading to Mountain
….and headed north to The Mountain, at first light, I sent up a little prayer that all goes well for them while mustering.
BRA_6932 pre dawn
So Friday morning we hit the “beef road” about 6.30am heading east about 40km to the Cazna turn off to head to Black Mountain.
BRA_6933 Black Mountain in distance
My daughter Claire was driving Millie so I got to take photos from the passenger seat. You can see Black Mountain amongst the gorgeous pre sunrise northern sky, about 40km as the crow flies.
BRA_6936 following caravan
We followed an early morning traveller heading east, usually caravan visitors don’t drive this early in the morning. The sign post to the left is the Cazna turnoff. Cazna is Anzac spelt backwards.
BRA_6937 gas pipe  line Black Mountain
On the road north to The Mountain, about to go over the gas pipe buy diclofenac sodium gel line that stretches from Mt Isa to Ballina gas fields.
BRA_6939 pretty west sky Cazna
Looking west, at the Cazna gate, the pastels are just breath taking.
BRA_6940 Black Mountain dust in hallows other vehicle
At Cazna gate, looking north at The Mountain and the dust laying in hallows from the two vehicles that are in front of us with rest of crew inside.
BRA_6941 just before sunrise Black Mountain
The wispy cloud was magical.
BRA_6946 Sunrise on way to Black Mountain
Only at the gates did we stop, so I had to capture other shots on the move. I love the sunlight kissing the grass tops.
BRA_6948 cattle yard Black Mountain
15mile cattle yards, full with about 700 head of cattle.
BRA_6950 back of toyota Black Mountain
The back of Toyota full of the essentials for yard work, bathed in the morning sunlight.
BRA_6951 windmill dust Black Mountain
Very thankful that the wind wasn’t as strong, still chilly, but didn’t get stronger till later on in the morning. Standing on the platform drafting I assume I looked like an eskimo.
BRA_6954 pink cloud Venus Goodwood
The evening sky back at Goodwood 6.30pm, last light turning the clouds pink, with Venus shining through.
BRA_6952 evening sky Goodwood
The gum trees that line the west side of the home cattle yard silhouette the beautifully coloured cloud just before dark. The end of daylight for another day.

PS: some say you can’t take photos of the landscape in its true light.
My challenge has always been to capture what I see as true to its colour as I can.
What I see is what you get.

  1. BB 

    Awesome images Ann… and I KNOW I’d be a little nervous too. Choppers are fabulous things, but we all know they don’t bounce too well. Thanks for sharing!

  2. annbritton 

    Thanks BB,
    Yes wishing thoughts as the crew work out the door for another day, every day, but when we “eye in the sky” that thought is a little more wishful.
    Thanks for lovely comments and love sharing, it is my pleasure.

  3. Anne@GritandGiggles 

    These are beautiful captures of your life. What a lovely way to start the day. I am sure the cattle loved your eskimo look. There is something about that shot of the cattle in the yards, windmill in the background that I just love.

  4. annbritton 

    I meant to take a selfie of my “eskimo look” Anne but completely forgot.
    Thanks for the kind words, always appreciated.

    PS I truly do appreciate that you take the time and trouble to comment on my blogs as often as you do Anne, thanks

  5. Chookyblue 

    always enjoy seeing your pics………….

  6. annbritton 

    Thanks Chookyblue

  7. Greg Phelan 

    awsom Ann going to Google.. greg

  8. annbritton 

    Oh Greg, I’m so pleased you “spammed” (say that in nicest way) my blogs.
    What did you Google may I ask?

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