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Ann Britton Outback Photography

Ex Tropical Cyclone Trevor rain and flood

A very quick update on the rain and impending flood.

Totals of rain as of 9am 27th of March
Goodwood 87mm Mudgeacca 89mm
The property between us Montague measured 100mm
A neighbour landed his chopper at Lucknow house and measure 154mm
Some of the recently bought weaners have made their home in the house yard.
The rest of the weaners and some of the newly bought cows and calves have been let out into the House Paddock.

Queensland Country Life needed a photo to show how happy #BossMan was re the rain, so he turned into Mary Poppin’ just to prove the point.

The Athol Pine in the cattle yard decided it didn’t want to stand any more, so it fell over and took part of the yard with it. No cattle we in there yard at the time, but were there the day before.

Channel 7 wanted to know if I could interview Rick about the rain/flood, so I got #BadBoy all setup and did a trial run.#Junior as usually patiently waiting.

#BadBoy set up down at the Lagoon. Photobombed by a fly.

Claire visited from Mudgeacca on the four-wheeler. When the northern flood waters arrive Ryan and herself will be cut off from us due to the 5 Mile being across the Coorabulka road. So Claire came to collect a few supplies.

Fly veils are the latest accessory item for the workers of late.

The great Aussie salute is common with those not wearing fly veils.

Yesterday and today have been overcast. Light misty rain has been coming over both days. Keeping everything moist. It hasn’t turned really cold, which we are thankful for since there is no sun. We are thankful for this as an animal welfare issue. Being wet and cold out in the paddock isn’t very comfortable. The cattle can handle the rain and we haven’t had constant strong winds, which is also a good for animal welfare.

This photo taken at 3.19pm today, is thanks to Harin the Boulia Shire Council Works Manager.
At 1pm today the flood water that is heading to Boulia from the north peaked at Blair Athol.
The flood water at Two Rivers was as high as the Neilson’s have seen it but not as high as 1974.
So it is estimated that the peak of the flood water will reach Boulia 10-12hours from 1pm and will go over the bridge.
So the lagoon you can see amongst the trees behind our cattle yard should make it onto this ground where I am standing now. We are going to miss seeing it in daylight, but I’m pretty sure #BossMan may not sleep tonight keeping an eye on the water. The water should be still there in the daylight, we just won’t see it coming up.

Can you see the water?
In the background, right side of the photo, under the trees.
That is the lagoon, to the north of the house.
Tojo and Kahnie have been getting everything ready in the sheds so it either doesn’t get wet or won’t float away.
Yes, the water should come up to that ground in front of me.
Every flood is different and at this stage, we see nothing but benefit from this flood.

Mudgeacca will be receiving flood water from the Hamilton as they did in February.

We have just got word 6.55pm that the water is just starting to go over the Burke River bridge at Boulia. The last time the water went over the bridge was 2009 and before that 1997.

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