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Family Weekend at Gold Coast

Two weekends ago my family gathered together in Townsville to spend a few days together, including the weekend down the Gold Coast.
But first Rick, Claire and I had to get to Townsville, where we would meet up with Thomas and Madeline.
We each had to take a vehicle (that is another story)
Back in the day, I could drive Boulia to Charter Towers no worries, when the kids were at Boarding School, leave home early and arrive at school by end of school day, 826km. Townsville is a further 138km.
This trip I needed to be in Townsville before 5pm Friday, organised to catch a plane, so I decided to leave home Thursday afternoon to head to Winton, 360km to the east.
IMG_4250 copy
When I left home the clouds were building and I thought how awesome it would be if I had to drive through mud to get home.
Rick had left a little earlier than myself to do a bore run at Lucknow on the way to Winton where we would meet up.
IMG_4252 copy
It sprinkled a little as I was on the very edge of a shower just east of Middleton.
IMG_4254 copy
I overtook one truck and saw no on coming traffic (other than Rick on his motorbike as I was going through Lucknow) all the way to Winton. There is no internet coverage either.
IMG_4255 copy
We had dinner that night at our usual “waterhole” The Tatts, great food, great service and cold beverages.
IMG_4260 copy
The next morning, bright and early we were heading to Hughenden. Claire would have left Braeside by now heading to Townsville too.
IMG_4262 copy
Lush green grass and mountains, we must have reached Townsville. We are all together now heading for the airport.
IMG_4263 copy
Bags checked, boarding passes in hand we climb the stairs heading to gate 1, Brisbane bound.
IMG_4264 copy….clowns to the left of me….


…a joker to the right….
BR5_3210 copy
This was our view from our apartment window the next morning down the Gold Coast, where we arrived after collecting our hire car and making our way to Labrador, on arrival in Brisbane Friday evening.
IMG_4283 copy
Breakfast by the sea
IMG_4289 copy
Pancakes, because I can.
IMG_4280 copy
It was raining when we arrived for breakfast but that cleared quickly out to sea.
BR5_3187 copy
While the others went shopping and went to see Ripley’s Believe It or Not, which I had seen before. I went down to the beach.
BR5_3188 copy
….. and observed the landscape, clouds and lots of humans that aren’t normally in my day to day viewing, well neither is the beach and ocean for that matter.
BR5_3191 copy
….it seems the people cleared the beach when it was raining….cause they might get wet do you think?
BR5_3194 copy
…I am afraid of heights but I love being in high level apartments on those rare occasions when I do go to the beach. I feel it is like being in a world of your own.
BR5_3196 copy
I was happily taking photos, people watching, cloud watching and basically chilling out.
BR5_3197 copy
Looking north
BR5_3199 copy
I love the sea, the smell, the sound, the feel. I really don’t need to go swimming in it, but like being up high in a building being in the sea is like another world again, to me.
I just had to get my feet wet and had a little laugh to myself. Lot of childhood memories were made on beach visits.
I now have a Twitter friend, who I have met in real life, whenever the other is at the beach, usually Townsville, we put our toes in the water for each other. So this photo was taken for them, proof. Both of us have a great love for the bush but also enjoy “timeout” at the beach.
BR5_3206 copy
I found this, washed up on the beach, a jelly fish.
BR5_3204 copy
Trying to be artistic
BR5_3209 copy
I would like to have a gold coin for every time this sign has been photographed.
IMG_4291 copy
I saw this magic mini tractor…
IMG_4290 copy
…and wondered what is was carting sand for…
IMG_4301 copy
…the mini tractor was filling these different sized, shaped wooden boxes while these fellows used jack hammers to obviously compact the dirt. I was thinking sand castles or the like.
Take note of the count down clock to the Gold Coast hosting of the 2018 Commonwealth  in background.
IMG_4298 copy
Then I walked inside the shopping centre and seen this magnificent, clever piece of art. How precise is that? Right down to Tinker Bell’s shoes.

IMG_4299 copy 2

So this is what the little tractor, wooden box frames and jack hammers were preparing for.

IMG_4304 copy 2

It is on now.

IMG_4305 copy
I had it bit of pampering, 2nd time ever.
Our main reason for going down the Gold Coast. My family, with our rental car.
IMG_4311 copy
This is series that we saw at Outback Spectacular.
IMG_4314 copy
I would recommend to anyone going, to pay the extra, to do the backstage tour, it was worth it.
IMG_4316 copyA sign we found amusing above the bar at Outback SpectacularIMG_4317 copy

The Bar

IMG_4315 copy
We are pretty sure this photo was taken at a Boulia Rodeo many moons ago, it was one of many photos hanging in the Outback Spectacular bar/shop area.
We thoroughly enjoyed our night, the show, the food and hospitality of the Outback Spectacular.
IMG_4325 copy
We flew back to Townsville on Sunday. I really enjoy flying but my body doesn’t. I’m not use to enjoying the views looking out of the window seat, it usually makes me sick, so I was so pleased to not only enjoy the views but capture them as well.
IMG_4329 copy
In between the clouds.
IMG_4334 Townsville breakfast
Not a bad view for breakfast Monday morning on Townsville Strand
IMG_4336 copy
IMG_4344 copy
Monday night Rick and I decided to stay the night at Townsville Casino. Claire had left Townsville to spend the night in Charters Towers and catch up with her good friend & baby. Rick, Claire and I had a day of the three of us driving around Townsville in two cars swapping drivers and vehicles to make sure that all that needed to be done and appointments made were done and accomplished. Thomas and Maddie had gone to work.
BR5_3212 copy
Magnetic Island in the pre dawn light, Tuesday morning.
BR5_3223 copy
A city whose people enjoy being on the water.
BR5_3220 Townsville dawn OP
Pastels looking west.
IMG_4351 copy
The sunrise as we said Goodbye to Townsville and headed home. No the road wasn’t muddy getting back into Goodwood Tuesday evening.

  1. Anne@gritandgiggles 

    It is a pity the road wasn’t muddy on the trip back. Hopefully there is more wet stuff coming your way.
    This sounds like a lovely weekend away fro the family. The car juggling sounds interesting.
    I have to admit I’ve never been to the Gold Coast but I have been to the Sunshine Coast which is out family holiday place. I love the beach as well. I used to always make sure I got my feet in the ocean when I was on the station and visited Townsville for the weekend. I’ll have to make it to Outback Spectacular one day, I always thought it looked pretty good.

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