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Ann Britton Outback Photography

Feathered Visitors to a Dry Outback

With the arrival of water in our river systems, thanks to rain further north, not only does the environment and humans in the area benefit from the flood water, but it invites visitors to our area.
How do they know to make an appearance?
BRA_6531 1 to useWhile out on my four wheeler 5 January, looking to see how far the 5 mile water came down into our House Paddock, I saw these in the distance…..I knew they were big birds and smiled at the realisation that these magnificent large water birds had some how known our water systems had water in them.
They flew closer.
How amazing.
I was clicking like mad.
Winding round and round…..
…coming closer….
…and closer…..
….different angles, showing many varying shapes, to these birds that can weigh up to 15kg.
They flew straight over my head. When I first spotted them they would have been at lease 1km away and they wound themselves in circles….
….which such effortlessness….
……and grace….
….like ballet dancers in the sky…BRA_6514 1 to use
…putting on a show, just for me, on my bike, in the middle of a very dry paddock, in the middle of no where, witnessing this amazing sight all by myself.
I guess about 100….what do you think?
I was enthralled.
I know I took over 100 photos
BRA_6543 Pelicans
The next morning, while capturing our old tank and the dryness of the lagoon trees, to use as a before photo when the trees green up after having generic diclofenac patch their feet soaking in precious water, I spotted the unmistakable “show” of white on the water.
BRA_6544 pelicans
I was back on my bike and off to the end of the lagoon. There they were standing in the water. The wet ground on the other side of the lagoon shows where the flood waters reached. The very sad looking trees are now no doubt working over time to rejuvenate themselves and the earth in the foreground shows that it would dearly love a drink of precious rain water.
BRA_6552 pelicans
Such magnificent water reliant beauties amongst country that is crying out for a drink and trees that may have just had their lives saved by our neighbours, up to 150km away, receiving rain. Nature in its harshness and greatness all mixed into one photo.
BRA_6564 pelicans lagoon
We are loving having water views from our dining room window, looking over the lagoon, where all we could see before 29 December, were dying trees. But to have these winged visitors as an added bonus is magical.
Where the pelicans come from, goodness knows. Where and when they will go is another question. Obviously they are eating something and where that something came from and how it survived to be where it is now is another question. But while all the dots line up for these visitors to be here, I for one will certainly enjoy their rare advent.

  1. Sarina 

    That’s amazing Ann, fantastic to see the waterbirds return for water. How much did you receive and is more on the way?

  2. annbritton 

    G’day Sarina, we haven’t had any rain, this water in the channels is from storm rain further north, so are hoping there is rain on the way, Ann

  3. Greg Phelan 

    Good morning Ann Majic pics, The micro roots on the trs will be working overtine,

  4. annbritton 

    Afternoon Greg, thanks and yes I would say those trees would think Christmas has been late coming for a couple years but enjoying receiving a good soaking now, Ann

  5. Yvonne 

    gorgeous photos Ann

  6. annbritton 

    Thank Yvonne

  7. dan 

    Let me guess. You have named every one of them by now. Pete, and Percy and Pricilla and and and and

  8. annbritton 

    Yep Dan, Mr Proud, Mr Ponder and Mr Percival are amongst them as well 🙂 Ann aka Storm Girl

  9. CountryMum 

    It is just incredible that the birds know when to come. Enjoy your water views Ann!!!

  10. annbritton 

    I agree it is incredible Country Mum and yes we will enjoy the views, thanks Ann

  11. Chookyblue 

    Hi Ann
    it’s an amazing site seeing the big birds flying around….we get flocks of ibis here like that……watching them is like a magical dance……..mesmerising…….when I see things I always think how special this is just for me………glad you got some water thru………..hope rain is on the way………

  12. annbritton 

    Thanks heaps for your comment Chookyblue, can completely understand where you are coming from re mesmerising. Thanks for you wishes re rain too, appreciated Ann

  13. Melody 

    WE have pelicans here on the Mooonie river, most of the time. Although more when it is really wet. They are special somehow and I love to see them fly over the house to roost. Great photos. I hope you get rain soon so your land can recover too.

  14. annbritton 

    We get big flocks of birds that are common to the area when it is dry and wet Melody
    When dry Galahs and cockies flock in large numbers and when wet we get pelicans and sometimes budgies in large numbers
    But this is the largest number of pelicans I have seen out this way
    Thanks for your wishes for us to receive rain, that’s very kind, thank you

  15. Steven Horsley 

    G’day Anne,
    thanks for posting all your great pictures. I have been keeping an eye on the drought over there through your pictures. I wish I could send you some of ours from Western Washington. There has been a lot of flooding in this area the last couple of months. I cant wait to see the green and beauty that is there after you “Just Add Water” . I will be in Dalby for few weeks at the end of April or early May. Maybe I could drive Mum out to see you if she is up to it. keep the pictures coming. I like your red Healer.

  16. annbritton 

    Thanks Steven for keeping an eye on us, I often think of you over there and especially when using my camera. It has a few shiny bits on it now from a bit of use 🙂
    We are visiting you Mum next week, so a bit excited, she said she would round up the family, so that will be lovely as well.
    It would be lovely to have a visit from you and your Mum, you know you are welcome any time.
    Junior, my red heeler is a bit of a gem, blessed to be his owner.
    I will keep the photos coming, thanks

  17. BB 

    Just amazing… and still no actual rain on those poor paddocks. Loving the channel action and the birdlife but come ON Hughie!!!! 🙂

  18. annbritton 

    It was amazing BB,
    I can just imagine the look on my face as when I first saw them they were basically in the middle of no where, in what would have been a rather small pool of water, until they lifted to the sky…..and then to fly over me as if to check me out….right time and place….very lucky
    Yep come on Hughie

  19. Anne@GritandGiggles 

    Wow! Just wow … how amazing. I’ve never seen that many pelicans before and the whole contrast of them and the landscape is awe inspiring. I know what a large and ungainly yet calm and graceful bird they are and I always love seeing them around here. I wonder how they do know.

  20. annbritton 

    Hey there Anne,
    Yes it was a bit like that and glad the photos gave you the WOW factor, that is good.
    I would like to know where they come from, very special to be sharing our back yard with them

  21. Merry-Anne 

    Oh what a sight featuring the very dry, the wet and the birdlife. Where there are birds, there is life. The water must supply them with the food they need as your land has nothing more to give. Come on rain, don’t forget this beautiful land. So exciting Ann.

  22. annbritton 

    I was exciting Merry-Anne
    You describe and explain that so well, thanks

  23. Fiona Bell 

    Just wonderful to see those magnificent birds, brings back memories of the Riverina as a child Pelicans visiting in the dry wet seasons o. ColeMbly Ceek! Thank you from Fiona Bell in the UK

  24. annbritton 

    G’day Fiona,
    Thanks for dropping by and commenting from the UK.
    Glad these photos brought back good memories

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