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Ann Britton Outback Photography

Galahs on Wires

Some find our multiple gathering of galahs or cockies annoying.
They don’t bother me and if they do strip trees, these trees seem to grow back. Yes I understand they can be very destructive in the wrong environment but they don’t bother me or where I live.


There were a few (have a good look at how many there are altogether)BRA_8076

Then some more flocked.

BRA_8049They weren’t all sitting on the power lines but also in every tree in the near by¬†area.


It seems “enough” had found a spot on the lines.

🎶 One of these things is not like the other 🎶
Even it seemed to feel out of place in amongst the crowd of grey and pink.
So there they all were…the ones that felt the need to face the wind and sit on the wires. While their other family thought it nicer to find comfort in natural surroundings.
There was a noise……and they were startled….a mass of feathers and confusion…..all except one…can you see it?
See it now?
As the others fly off into the wind.
There is always one in every crowd….do you think it was dared to stop behind…..that they take turns to do so……or do you think it is the “black sheep of the flock?”

  1. Greg Phelan 

    A crack of the stock whip would cause panick

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