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Ann Britton Outback Photography

Ginormous Crazy Magic Clouds (Goodwood Jan 2017)

My whole challenge of my Australian Outback photography is the light, we have massive amounts of it, because of our #bigskycounty #wideopenspace.
To capture the colour as I see it, to share with those that look at my photography, is a passion of mine. I have a camera that I can adjust, to the light, which of course makes the colours that Mother Nature provides. So when I look at my subject and then look in my playback view finder, when it is a mirror image I feel I am winning.


Yesterday evening 10 January, I could hear the wind outside and the atmosphere had a feel to it….I looked out my observation window (bathroom window looking east where windmill is) and spotted this magnificant cloud
Time to go for a drive….even though the 6mm we received at lunch made the ground rather wet again…whoot whoot….checked in with #BossMan….grabbed camera and camera bag and phone and headed for #Millie….#Junior got there first waiting at the door.
Now this is #bigskycounty #wideopenspaces and I would truly love you all to appreciate this photo as much as I do….this photo is three photos “merged” together ….I used my magic little #SuperWide lens in portrait position…..believe me that is a lot of cloud over a wide amount of country…..(taken in our house paddock, I was only a few 100m away generic diclofenac topical from the house)

Another very similar but using the Super Wide angle in landscape mode and using two photos to merge together instead of three.
If you use the road in these two photos as perspective, it may help to appreciate the enormity of the cloud, the road is a single lane paddock track.
I only witnessed one lightning strike out of this cloud, it was rather noisy though.

Same cloud 7mins later, taken a little further north, with our Goodwood sign and the Coorabulka road in the foreground. The is a single photo.

20mins later at around 7.30 the cloud had move south and west and this is looking south-west over our Horse Paddock. This is three photos merged together from the super wide angle lens. The sun has just set in the right hand corner. Isn’t the colour of the cloud amazing. Almost a dirty looking colour.

A single photo of the incredible looking cloud, after sunset.

Another three photos merged together. It truly was an amazing sight, incredible cloud, magic colour.

Then this amazing blue to the east and north. Totally wonderfully gobsmackingly beautiful.

Just as a footnote to my first comment.


Some may ask who is George Eastman: was an American entrepreneur who founded the Eastman Kodak Company and popularized the use of roll film, helping to bring photography to the mainstream.
  1. Greg 

    As usual Ann, dam bloody magnificently beautifull

  2. annbritton 

    Thanks so much, so pleased you enjoyed Greg

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