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Ann Britton Outback Photography

Good Morning from Goodwood

Breathtaking isn’t it?
This photo was taken at 6.14am this morning. 27minutes before sunrise.
Those that have followed me for a while, know that for many years now I’ve wanted my photos to tell the story. To hopefully make you feel as if you are standing beside me and experiencing the view for yourself.
This morning was cool, with a breeze blowing, pleasant weather

In a space of three minutes…..the light changes……can see the moon and planet better in this one.
LOL I raced inside to try and eat breakfast before coming back out to capture the sunrise
This photo taken at 6.34am
Add a bit more of the south sky, where the cloud is nearly pink but it is gold where sun will appear 6.35am

Yep there he is, I think the fact that I talk to him all the time, that he seeks out a cuddle or attention, but isn’t he just adorable?
My little patient mate, we have plenty cuddles between snaps. #Junior
It appears over the horizon, zooming in to get that rich gold colour 6.40am
I move south, to get the windmill in, and note all colour has gone from the clouds, but they still look magic. 6.41am
Not a bad way to start the day.
Oh and if you were standing beside me you would be covered in flies, no joke, they are as thick as, you would think we have had inches of rain. 🙂

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