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Ann Britton Outback Photography

Goodwood Flood 29 March 2019 iPhone Dame Drone

#BossMan sat up all last night and didn’t go to sleep until he felt the peak had arrived.
Harin, the BSC Works Managers did the same, I am sure.

There is now water from the front of the Goodwood house to in front of the service station in Boulia. A good 10km as the crow flies.

1974 Burke System flood record at the township of Boulia was 5.9m. The 2019 29 March record at about 3am this morning was 5.4m.
#BossMan predicted a day or two ago, hearing the amount of water upstream, that “this time it will go over the bridge” just before 7pm last night, it did.

The excitement in Boulia town was wonderful to watch via Facebook photos and comments. From phone calls, text messages and receiving updates via emails as well.
Heaps of preparation beforehand via Boulia Shire Council and the local police to make sure everyone was well prepared.
Us Outback people enjoy a good flood in channel country. We are lucky in Boulia as usually we have days to prepare and receive updates from properties upstream, so the excitement builds, Everyone is looking forward to this precious resource arriving and doing nothing but positive for the land, stock and people.

Our last big flood like this was 2009 (John Bolger and his lovely wife Jo Bolger will remember that one) and before that 1998.
I hope my kids Thomas Claire have planted in their memory bank from the 1998 flood, of floating on tubes, from the diesel tanks through the house yard, to the then chook pen, then repeat.

PS I have most likely used up my monthly allocated internet data uploading this YouTube, but it may take another 10 years for another flood like this, so I’m not worried at all.

Thanks so much everyone, in your interest and excitement for our flood water. I hope you enjoy this YouTube
Queensland Country Life
Channel 7
ABC Rural
The North West Star

Adding more drone footage taken this afternoon when misty cloud cleared

#GumBootFamily William Daisy Lady on chair in the flood water in front of Goodwood house

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