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Goodwood Sunset … amongst “mad” cloud

Goodwood Sunset … amongst “mad” cloud


I make no apologies for not being able to eliminate any of these photos, more than what I have already, and that is not many, of the sunsetting 12 June 2017 at Goodwood (22 photos)

5.54.03pm Monday 12 June

When I drove home from the gallery, I thought that the cloud should make a wonderful sunset.


5.54.12pm Monday 12 June

So I went for a drive out into the house paddock so that the house windmill was in the photos I would take, and started capturing this amazing sky.

5.57.17pm Monday 12 June

The wind was coming due south, so I had a bit of trouble with the windmill cooperating with moving in any other direction.

                           5.59.18pm Monday 12 June
On my Facebook photography page I put up a sunrise photo with this quote “Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where others see nothing” Camille Pissaro

                           6.00.13pm Monday 12 June
I treasure that my followers “see” the beauty….and I am blessed when they not only like but they say so….Geoff and Elizabeth give us one example of this……

                           6.00.32pm Monday 12 June
Perspective…..the average height of a windmill is about 50ft (out our way) which is about 15m
                           6.01.10pm Monday 12 June
The intensity of the “gold” when I just concentrated on the area closest to the windmill.

                          6.02.11pm Monday 12 June
How the lightness of the sky softens this “gold” when you add more “light”
                          6.02.48pm Monday 12 June
                            6.03.18pm Monday 12 June
The colour starts draining from the cloud as the earth rotates, as the minutes go by.

                           6.03.43pm Monday 12 June
The in between… if deciding what magic to show off now
                           6.06.25pm Monday 12 June
Now I wait…..will there be the last lot of colour reflecting off the cloud, as the light from the sun seems to slip off the edge of the earth…….

                           6.19.04pm Monday 12 June
OH YES…..the 13min wait was worth it…..can anyone else see the “bird” ?
                           6.19.17pm Monday 12 June
I think my bird cloud looks like an osprey
Ospreys are considered a type of eagle in many Native American tribes, and are accorded the same respect bald and golden eagles are. In coastal tribes where ospreys are most commonly seen, they sometimes play ‘police’ or guardian roles in traditional legends, and seeing one is sometimes considered to be a warning of danger to come. In other legends, Fish-Hawk (Osprey) is a character noted for his pride or even arrogance. The Nez Perce considered Fish-Hawk a medicine bird, and seeing an osprey in a dream or vision was a sign that a man had been granted spiritual power as a healer.                            6.19.47pm Monday 12 June
Within second, the magic of the pink/red sky is fading fast

                           6.20.21pm Monday 12 June
20 mins ago the gold was intense around the windmill.

                           6.20.45pm Monday 12 June
The star that gives earth light has done its days work for Queensland……it would still be light in the Northern Territory and South Australia….and Western Australia will be enjoying a couple more hours of daylight….as the earth moves around our sun.

                           6.20.53pm Monday 12 June
Last curtain call…..the show is almost over

                           6.21.06pm Monday 12 June
                          6.21.36pm Monday 12 June

                           6.21.56pm Monday 12 June
28mins from the first photo taken to this last one….I should have thought to bring popcorn for this free show
                           5.51.42pm Tuesday 13 June
What a difference a day makes…..the sunset the afternoon after…..still very pretty, with mad cloud….just not so much “colour”…the eastern sky was a very lovely shade of pink.






  1. Greg 

    one word Brilliant

  2. annbritton 

    Mother Nature does an awesome job Greg, I’m just so pleased I get to capture such amazing views. Thanks for dropping by once more and taking the time to comment, appreciated.

  3. Caroline 

    Oh my, all so beautiful Ann Britton. Not sure which one is my fave, but probably starts at 6.19.04pm. Just spectacular imagery. Great work!

  4. annbritton 

    So pleased you enjoyed Caroline, I’m pleased and also pleased you couldn’t pick one either, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment

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