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Graceful Goodwood Lagoon Visitor

I have never witnessed a Black Swan at Goodwood. The last sighting that can be recalled was in the 70’s. I came to Goodwood at the end of 1984.
I hope you enjoy this photo blog as much as I enjoyed capturing the photos.
My in-laws are visiting at the moment. My MIL went for a walk with her camera and came back with photos of a Black Swan down on the lagoon. That called for my zoom to come out and Junior and I were off down the lagoon heading towards the last spot where the swan was sighted.
Nope, couldn’t see the swan but this shimmering water needed to be captured.

The beautiful old coolibahs that line the lagoon are also a good subject. Imagine the yarns they could tell of the seasons they’ve dealt with. Long periods waiting to wet their feet and then years like this where they are enjoying reviving to survive for seasons to come.

Still no sight of the swan, but herons and ducks were on show.

The trees still cradling natural debris from the floods to remind us how big the lagoon got this year.

I always have a good subject to photograph if I can’t find the one I’m really after.

A walk further north up the lagoon and what did I spy?

The swan wasn’t too interested in being photographed. So it took off and headed to the south end of the lagoon.

One of the herons come for a closer look.

Wonder if an engineer signed off on this wonderful building?

I thought this coolibah dressed for the occasion. #renewable wear

Looking from the north to the south of the lagoon, you can see the swan and ducks on the water.

Junior was given the all clear that he could go in the water. I have a feeling he loves it.

I guessed the swan was directly behind the cattle yards. So with a stop at the house to change into shorts and take off my jumper, Junior and I ventured to the spot. The ducks were easily startled, shifting spots on the lagoon as soon as they sighted us.

The swan moved from the east side of the lagoon to the west very quickly. The crinkly feathers on their back (wings) I think, are rather cute.

I was able to walk along the east bank as the swan moved north.

….a tree got in the way then, so no more swan photos.

Junior is very good and stays out of the water while I’m stalking bird life, but once he gets the AOK to venture into the water he doesn’t have to be told twice. I can’t imagine the water being that warm, but it doesn’t seem to worry him.
Think this is his crocodile impersonation. Maybe his whale impersonation.

Nothing like a good shake….in the water.

Junior looks up, “yep,” he thinks, “she still has that lens looking at me.”

“If I close my eyes she may stop clicking.”

“I’ll just look this way and pretend to ignore her.”

“If I look north she may give up snapping.”

“Better check to see if she’s put the camera down….nope.”

“I’ll just act cool and ignore her again.”

“Seriously! Are you going to stop with the photo-taking already!”

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