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Ann Britton Outback Photography

Green Frog & Junior

Most of the “things” out here I love, but these two animals I love a little bit more than most.
BR5_3862 copy

Can you see the little green spot? 

BR5_3842 copy
Such a little cutie
BR5_3847 copy
I do love green frogs
IMG_4447 copy
Having a swim
BR5_3853 copy
Such a handsome frog
BR5_3863 copy
Then there is this fellow #Junior. “She’s got that camera on me again”
BR5_3864 copy
“I’ll pretend I didn’t see”
BR5_3865 copy
“She seen me”
BR5_3867 copy
“I’ll poke tongues at her”
BR5_3871 copy
He is one handsome puppy
BR5_3873 copy
“I’ll eat my bone”
BR5_3877 copy
“Snap at flies”
BR5_3879 copy
“Yep she’s still looking at me with that camera”
BR5_3882 copy
“I know I’ll go get a pat that will make her stop”
BR5_3883 copy
“This should do it”
BR5_3893 copy
After a very long pat and yarn #Junior returns to his bone and looking handsome once more.


  1. Greg Phelan 

    Don’t sspoil her


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