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Greener Bore Run (still looking for gate opener)

I went on another bore run the other day. I thought I would show some comparison photos since we have received 25-40mm on some of this country that I cover during the bore run.

5 mile gate

This is one of the gates I missed taking a photo of last time, seperating the house paddock and 5 mile paddock, at the 5 mile bore. Chum, the famous 10 year old pet bullock, lives in the 5mile paddock at the moment, with our other steers.

5 9 mile fence line better

5 9 mile fence

Can you see the hint of green, this country has received 25mm.

9 mile common gate

9 mile common gate
Still in the country that received the lowest amount of rain, but still a hint of green. With the country, that has been so dry for a long period, receiving just this small amount of rain it gives it that upper edge when the next lot of rain comes through, hopefully this rain isn’t too far away and fills in all the gaps that haven’t received any as yet.

common Queen Vera gate

Queen Vera Common gate

This country received buy diclofenac 100mg around 40mm of rain and the country has responded much better. But the weather has been extremely hot so is burning the fresh green feed before it gets a chance to establish.

cows Queen Vera 3 trees

cattle in shade Queen Vera

We are extremely grateful for the storm rain we have received as some in our shire and further afield have received no relief rain at all, so we consider ourselves very blessed.

birds at Queen Vera

Queen Vera overfull yards

Queen Vera overfull

Yes same overflow water hole as the birds above.

Queen Vera gate
Another gate I missed last time, seperating the two paddocks that make up Queen Vera.




Queen Vera Hedford gate

5 9 gate Hedford
The gate between Queen Vera and Hedford.

5 mile Hedford

5 mile Hedford
The 5 mile Hedford bore

5mile Hedford gate

5 mile Hedford gate
5 mile Hedford paddock gate going into Top Hedford paddock

Hedford Common gate

Hedford Common Gate

You can see that this end of the bore run got the least amount of rain, but storm rain has made green pick and a bit of surface water at the back of this paddock, so pressure on the Hedford Mill bore would have eased for a few days.


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