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Happy Australia Day

I’m a proud Aussie and make no excuses for celebrating Australia Day.

I’d like to dedicate this post to my Granddad Topp who was born in Australia. His parents and grandparent migrated to Australia from Germany. They were amongst the many German farmers who settled in the Lockyer Valley Queensland, Ma Ma Creek to be more precise.

My Granddad, who I remember as a very gentle man, fought proudly in the Australian Airforce against the Japanese. He was based in Papua New Guinea, an older soldier with a wife and kids back in Australia, his job was to guard the airfields.

Apparently the Australian soldiers in PNG would look up to the Southern Cross in their night sky and know that their families could also see this coalition of stars, it was a connection they held onto dearly.

Like many returned soldiers Granddad didn’t speak of the war, much. Mainly he only talked of his mates that didn’t cope with coming back to “normal” life, which I believe still happens today.

Granddad hasn’t been with us for over 30 years now but I remember his gentle eyes and warm embrace when he would come to visit. Granddad had a very strong German accent, he also had a very good deep singing voice. Our family, like many back then, had their own band. Granddad would call us kids “dummkopf” with a huge grin on his face, when we did something silly, this is amongst many other memories of this lovely man who helped shape my world to what it is today.

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I would like to thank @ssmccarter for tagging me in a post on Twitter with this poem attached. My eyes moistened and my heart swelled with pride while reading it. @jacquibateman suggested I put the poem to one of my photos, so thanks for the idea Jacqui.

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