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Ann Britton Outback Photography

Home from Isa

The road from Boulia to Mount Isa is one that I have travelled many times.
For all but one year, Mount Isa has been my main “big” town, since I moved out to this area in 1981.
Driving back from Isa the other afternoon I noticed some very spectacular looking clouds. Being able to take my time to get home, which usually takes about 3 hours, I took the opportunity to capture these striking cirrus clouds.

Taken only a few kilometres from Mt Isa’s CBD

There are many of these little hills made up of boulders between Isa and Dajarra, a small town 150km south of Mt Isa.


A road I often travel, whose landscape changes either by drought, rain, fire or magic skies.

Viewing these clouds with my beef growers hat on, I don’t have to look up the BOM website to know that there is basically nil chance of rain from this cloud. Which is very unfortunate as a large percentage of our shire is still in drought. Many looking for their first decent rain since the middle of 2012 and some, like ourselves, wanting follow up rain. Yes a pocket in our area has received above their annual rainfall, so very patchy, storm rain, not general rain.


About 50km outside of Mt Isa the sky is still displaying its amazing cloud.


The colours seem even more vibrant when highlighted by the afternoon sun. Because of the big skies and wide open spaces of our country, the visual you take in is vast. So the vivid reds of the soil, different greens of the leaves, yellows of the dried grasses, the many blues of the sky, greys and whites of the clouds have an enormity about them. So much of each colour, you seem to be engulfed in the image, to some witnessing our country for the first time it is overwhelming.11

About 70km out the cirrus diclofenac purchase online cloud thinned out considerably.

On the other side of Dajarra I started seeing similar cirrus clouds
Scenes like this are a pleasure I enjoy capturing.
Driving into the thicker cloud and the sun lower in the west, I knew this would make another very special sunset. 20km north/west of Boulia.
After turning onto our dirt road, with only 4km to go, I was greeted by this.


My pleasure of witnessing yet another magnificent sunset was temporarily disturbed by the vision of our bought cows and their young calves, grazing in the twilight, heading out into the paddock after coming into water and resting during the heat of the day . Crop growers may look over their hard work of a healthy stationary growing cultivation with a satisfying smile. As beef farmers, having managed to plant seeds, the satisfied smile that I wore looking over our cattle, I think would hold the same gratification.

These three cuties, lagging behind, were in a bit of a pickle when I placed myself between them and their mothers.
It’s just a sign to say I’m home, but love the way Mother Nature says “welcome home.”

The manmade structures of “home” beautified by nature.


What a way for the sun to say “goodnight”
This sky makes the saying “red sky at night Shepherd’s delight” ring too true, which as I said before, we would dearly love it not to be.

Pink and grey, a galah coloured sky. Their cousins, the white cockies, were flying noisily finding their roosting spot for the night in the lagoon trees.

The lagoon water is nature’s mirror.

I hope one day you have the pleasure of witnessing our magic landscape and big skies for yourself but in the meantime I hope my photos make you feel you’ve come on the journey with me.


  1. Lizzy (Good Things) 

    Wow, those skycapes! Just stunning!

  2. annbritton 

    Thanks so much Lizzy, I just thought they were awesome, very thankful I had the time to capture them

  3. Chookyblue 

    just love seeing the clouds and often take photos of them………

  4. annbritton 

    they are in amongst my top things to photograph Chooky, better if they are full of wet stuff

  5. Heather Moore 

    Beautifully captured and a geat story with it.

  6. annbritton 

    Thanks so much Heather, really pleased that you think so, Ann

  7. Eleanor Newton 

    Lovely post

  8. annbritton 

    Thanks very much Eleanor, appreciate you stopping by to add your kind comment, Ann

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