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It’s a good start

On the 28th November we registered 12mm of rain, it doesn’t sound much, but I was feeling it was the start of more rain to come.

what 12mm looks like

At 5am that morning a neighbour, who lives north of us rang. His joyous voice and news of his impressive 67mm total would keep me smiling throughout the day.

Cloud 06

Other totals of rainfall measured around the district 75mm, 16mm, 27mm, 37mm, 44mm, 31mm, 40mm, 90mm, 55mm, storm rain that didn’t go far south.

Cloud 9

These totals came from properties to the west, north and east of us. But it was a start, a good start.

Cloud 3

One neighbour, who didn’t receive any moisture on one block but his son on another block measured the rain and my neighbour reported “the pickle jar was full, that’s about an inch.”

Cloud 4

I have seen clouds like this, at other times during drought, form an overcast sky. Clouds that made me feel I could reach up and touch them. They seemed to be so full of water that I thought they could do nothing but rain, but they never did.

Cloud 8

So for these storm clouds to actually be releasing life giving moisture, when our district is as dry as it is now, hearing the rainfalls measured truly did bring tears to my eyes, I’m not ashamed to say, more than once.

horse paddock 12mm

When the Burke River began flowing, you could nearly hear the towns people of Boulia sing.

Burke Dry 1

A “fresh” in the river, the first time it has flowed since March 2012, just seemed to refresh the souls of those that live beside it.

Burke Wet 1

A wonderful positive vibe spread throughout the town as the cry went up and no one needed telecommunication for the word to get out “the Burke’s running.”

Burke Dry 3

The dry Burke River photos were taken on the 27th and the flowing Burke Rivers photos on the 30th the river came down on the 29th, amazing what 48 hours can do.

Burke wet 4

Many people are still waiting for rain, I feel for them greatly and here’s hoping those that need it received it, sooner rather than later.

Cloud 2

Wishing this to be the beginning of wonderful soaking general rain for all that need it.

Cloud 9

  1. Mac 

    What a ripper reply, brought back some memories too. Thanks Ann

  2. annbritton 

    My pleasure Mac, hope all the memories were good ones. Thanks for your words this morning, I thought they were magic, I have shared them on my photography Facebook page, thought they were extra special.

  3. BB 

    Took me a while to get here properly to virtually soak in your rainfal photos… have luxuriated in those ENORMOUS skies and clouds and mud for a good 15 mins. Feels SO much better.

  4. annbritton 

    Glad you seem to be enjoying our moisture as much as what I am BB, it is truly magic and we are blessed to receive what we have, not only on our home block but on other blocks as well. Still wanting everyone to feel this wonderful feeling of receiving rain. It’s coming though I feel, let us hope sooner rather than later.

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