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Junior and Artie

IMG_3457-Edit Bruno, Nikki, Junior
Junior is the “mate to all” in our dog world. Bruno and Nikki tolerate each other, but Junior is friend to both and has been since he was a puppy.
IMG_4568 Bruno, Nikki, Junior
How lovely it is to have these three as part of our world. Junior’s casing ball buddy is Nikki who dearly loves the game and taught Junior how it is done. Bruno won’t have any part of casing a ball. Bruno is the one to scruff with and Nikki won’t have any part of that. So Junior shares himself between Bruno and Nikki.
BRA_4083 Artie
Then along came Artie, our daughter Claire’s dog, in late September 2015. He stole everyone’s hearts, human that is, Bruno and Nikki couldn’t really give a toss for him, they aren’t nasty, they just don’t want much┬áto do with him but…..
BRA_6038 Junior and Artie Goodwood

……Junior just thinks Artie is the best.┬áThese two can be found running around in 40 degree heat generic diclofenac uk playing chase and having the best time.
I took the four dogs down to the lagoon on the 31 December to see if it was completely full and so the dogs could have a swim.
While Bruno and Junior were walking through the water at the end of the lagoon, Artie was swimming his heart out to try and keep up. I was keeping a good eye on him and making a judgement of if I should call him back or not……
….when Junior noticed him and basically pushed Artie to shallower water.
Junior stayed with him….
…..until he was able to chase him out of the water.

One of the funniest things is watching Artie chase Junior, in a circular pattern, “cutting fat laps” and near catching him.

Artie is coming to visit today so I’m sure he and Junior will have a lovely time together.



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