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Ann Britton Outback Photography

Junior and Bruno

If you don’t already know, this is Junior. A wonderful Red Heeler that I have the upmost pleasure of calling mine. I claim he is the most handsomest Red Heeler in Queensland. I will let his Dad have that claim south of the border šŸ™‚ Junior is ten months old.
NYR_2730 Junior
This is Bruno, a German Shepard/Husky cross we acquired via our son Thomas. He has a few faults, but it seems he has me wrapped around his paws. Bruno is four years old this year.
ABR_1636 Bruno
JuniorĀ idolisesĀ Bruno. He has done since he first come to Goodwood when he was 2 months old.
BRA_1765 hilarious Brono
Red Heeler’s are named heelers for a reason. These photos were taken during “our” walk this morning. While the boys waited for me to take photos of the sunrise, they play.
NYR_2779 Junior Bruno
….I will sit on your face Junior if you bite my heels again….
NYR_2780 Bruno Junior
So they lay down and wrestle
NYR_2781 Bruno Junior
On the stoniest piece of ground theyĀ can find.
NYR_2784 Bruno Junior
On the way home I assumed Junior would jump in the trough, but there was a gilgaiĀ full of recent rain water that provided Juniors requirement for his duck impersonation.
NYR_2817 Junior blowing bubbles
…his crocodile impersonation…
NYR_2812 Junior being a croc
…..his shaking himself off while still in the water trick…..
NYR_2813 Junior
….his biting water attempt…..
NYR_2810 Junior snapping at water
Better check what Bruno is doing…
NYR_2820 Junior
…..she has got that camera on me again hasn’t she?….

NYR_2821 Junior
…..squint as if you are concentrating on looking at Bruno and not looking at camera…..
NYR_2823 Junior….and Bruno is…

NYR_2825 BrunoMeanwhile…..Junior’s hunting for things underwater as if he can see them, with his eyes shut and blowing bubbles.

NYR_2819 Junior water blog
…he can’t find anything so he looks for his tail…NYR_2829 Junior
and he finds it
NYR_2830 Junior
I did capture the sunrise in amongst all this dog goings on
NYR_2809 sunrise for Junior blog Goodwood




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