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Ann Britton Outback Photography

Junior meets Charlie

Today Claire brought her new poddy, Charlie, over to Goodwood.
Last time Junior was any where near cattle he was very lost, howled his little heart out, that was some time ago.
Bruno has to be tied up around Claire poddies cause he is too friendly.
I thought it was wonderful to watch Junior become acquainted with Charlie


One muddy Junior inspects hungry calf
ABR_9446 copy
…if I smell it here….

ABR_9447 copy

…and look at it from here…
ABR_9452 copy

…and sit back here….
ABR_9456 copy

…and smell it from up here, will I work out what it is?
ABR_9461 copy
Better go and check with Bruno
ABR_9469 copy
ohhh it’s moving
ABR_9470 copy
…it doesn’t look like a dog, doesn’t smell like a dog, what on earth is it?
Junior smelt Charlie ALL over again, diclofenac generic brand whenever Charlie faced Junior, he would back away real quick till Junior was really sure all was fine.
ABR_9487 copy

…so you took a while to work out….
ABR_9488 copy
….but I think you are OK….
ABR_9489 copy
…let me just check again….
ABR_9495 copy
…yep you’re all OK kiddo….
ABR_9500 copy
….I’ll just sit back here (looking handsome as usual) and keep an eye on you.
I checked on Junior and Charlie a few minutes later. Charlie laying under the bougainvillea and Junior laying near the gas cylinders not far away. It is the first time since Junior came home that he hasn’t placed himself near Bruno to have a lay down.
I think Junior has found a new friend.

  1. Anne@Grit and Giggles 

    This is gorgeous! It is so cute watching young animals work each other out when they haven’t learned fear first. I remember pet poddies checking out new born puppies because their humans were playing with them, so cute.

  2. annbritton 

    It was lovely to watch Anne, Junior sat on my feet, looking at me, then looking at Charlie as if to see “can you see it, what is it?” I found his new found curiosity great to watch, glad you did too.

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