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Ann Britton Outback Photography

Light and Patterns on The Strand

I went for a walk down “The Strand” one of my favourite places to visit, with #BadBoy hanging around my neck. #tourist
The humidity in  Townsville at the moment has been high. If you are outside and there is a breeze I feel the weather is bearable. If you are near the ocean and there is a breeze it is a marvellously enjoyable natural airconditioner.
My “stroll, look, snap” took place before 8am but I still felt sweaty and sticky at the end of it. Nothing a shower couldn’t fix.

Do you ever think of the energy trees and plants have, going on inside the leaves, flowers, branches, trunks, so as to survive?
Then we have entomophily, mostly bees and some certain insects doing their job. In amongst all of that, it helps us have a happier existence too.

Add a touch of sun, for some special natural effects.

The different colours of the Coral Sea off the eastern shoreline of Australia looking across to Magnetic Island.

From “The Strand” looking across to the “The Ville” and the industrial port area of Townsville.

The statue of a sea turtle is done with a high degree of detail.

I like this “flying” fish statue.

Modern art with modern beach shower facilities.

“If there are cranes working there is growth.” said a famous Queensland politician, a few years back now.

Paradise comes with its nasties. This sign is for the jellyfish. There is a swimming area netted for jellyfish. I’m a bit concerned for the crocodiles and sharks that call the Coral Sea their home too.

Up for a paddle?
You can hire one of these.

Looking skyward for different light and patterns.

Think tropical, think palm trees.

When I first spotted this feathered species it reminded me of the roadrunner bird. I have (hopefully) identified it as the Bush Stone Curlew.
Townsville has had no rain since the flooding in March. The evidence is everywhere. The area where the curlews stand is the space between the watered area of The Strand and the beach. You may have noted this dry area in earlier photos.

A bird of another species hiding amongst its leaves.

In nature as in life, there are early bloomers.
Nature amazes me. Totally beautiful and aptly named.

The Bird of Paradise having a bad hair day.

The completion of building this set of apartments on The Strand was finished in 1972. Work began in 1966. They were Townsville’s tallest building back then.

My home, views, sounds and smells are so different from my Outback home at present. Like the present, life is a gift that we have to live and enjoy the ride along the way. My time here will pass. The memories so far have been purely enjoyable celebrations and there are a couple more on the list to tick off.
Thanks for joining me on my stroll.

One of my favourite quotes: Light makes photography. Embrace Light. Admire it. Love it.  But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography. George Eastman

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