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Lucknow Bore Run 17 October 2019

A challenge for myself, a photoblog, with few words!
Let the photos do (most) of the talking (insert laughing emoji) 😂
I was asked by #BossMan if I could do a bore run at Lucknow. Well hell yeah I can, been too long since I was able to take #BadBoy for a run and this time I took #Junior too.
The look on #Junior’s face when we turned right instead of left at the Kennedy Development Road turn off, made me laugh out loud, photo opportunity missed. “we aren’t going to town, where the hell are we going?”
After turning into Lucknow house, north of the Kennedy Develope Road, 120km from Goodwood, we checked the turkey nest there as well as the new fencing and gate around the house. #GoodwoodCrew has been busy, nice job done. We were off to the 4 Mile. Last time I was there the side of the turkey nest was out for a cleanout and new pipes to troughs to be put in. (ages ago) This time, turkey nest was full, windmill pumping, troughs all fine. Across the paddocks (being amazed by the amount of ground cover for this time of year) to Claire’s Dam and crossed back over the Kennedy Development Road, to the Government Bore, where our bought cows and calves are. Time for #BadBoy to get to work. If truth be told, I saw cows and young calves together and thought the cuteness needed to be captured.

These cattle are resting up close to the windmill and trough. They walk out into the paddock for a feed, return to this area for a drink and a rest. When they rise again they usually pee and poo, hence the amount of manure on the ground. If you look into the background there is a wonderful amount of dry ground cover, less manure.brc_8916-cows-calves It’s a bit cute with cow and calf snuggle to have a rest.

brc_8917-cows-calvesI like the fact that these cattle aren’t disturbed by my presence.
brc_8919-peek-a-boo-calfI spy with my little eye a bit of cuteness.
brc_8923-calfCould be this calf’s first look up close and personal of a Toyota and a human…
brc_8927-calf…curious, a little…
brc_8931-calf…but not stressed at all.
brc_8936-calfI think this fellow enjoys his milk #milknose
brc_8939-calfNothing like a bit of dapple to the cuteness.
brc_8942-cow-calfMum checking on her little boy.
brc_8953-cow-calfNeither cow nor calf could wait.


brc_8982-cows-calvesBig heifer calves being nurtured and cared for by their mums.
These are the next lot of cattle on the mustering list. Just waiting for a cool change.
After Government Bore, it was back out on the bitumen heading further east to the 15mile, on the Winton Shire boundary. The roadworks along that area are just magic to drive on and there is more being done. (YIPPEE)
There were two brolgas just west of the gate when I turned up.
brc_8986“Hey Bridget, there’s a human, do you think we should put on a bit of a dance?”
“Why not Bruce, looks like she has a camera”












I enjoyed the dance very much, hope you did too.
I hope you noticed the ground cover too.

At the 15 Mile, the dust haze and a few water birds were snapped. It was very windy.

The Coolibah by the turkey nest edge was in flower,

Precious, precious water…I think I could write an essay on what that water coming out of the end of that poly pipe means to me, to us, to the cattle….in a word…life.

Crystal clear bore water mixed with the colour of the soil. Pretty cool patterns.

I think these are Whistling Ducks.
I checked the troughs, just in case, after checking the turkey nest and this little bundle was curled up on the ground, a 100m from the trough.

Mum was standing very close by.

My guess…the cow has given birth away from the mob, as they do…then got her brand new heifer calf to walk to the trough, she is wanting a drink but since I am there her protection genes have gone into overdrive.

Bub really couldn’t give two hoots about me, and just wants to sleep. (and is very much alive if you are wondering)

I drove around for a different angle, the mum wasn’t too impressed as she felt she needed to move, still very unsure about me being so close to her new charge…

….the calf still couldn’t care less…

…the cow still wanting a drink.

I didn’t move, giving the cow more confidence to move closer to her calf. I’m most likely talking to the cow and Millie would still be running.
I so much enjoy watching good mother cows. When the cow gets back to her calf she has a good sniff to check her out.
I have in years gone by seen some cows use any excuse to reject their calf. This was very rare, but it does happen. These cows aren’t given another chance to have a calf.

I left this mum and new calf in peace, knowing we have another calf on the ground receiving the best of care.
So with the bore run complete and everything as it should be, not needing fixing and #BadBoy full of photos, my heart, and mind full of happiness, #Junior content in the backseat in his seatbelt we turned Millie west for home.

Gee, I think I did it, let the photos do the talking, yippee, winning.





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