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Ann Britton Outback Photography

March Morning

Most mornings are glorious.
Waking up on the top side of the grass usually is a good thing?
Some mornings are just a tad more magic than others.

Let me introduce you to Monday 20 March 2017 6.32.29am (sunrise was 6.44am this morning) at Goodwood.
Junior and I walked into the “House” Paddock, or maybe we could call it the Auditorium, to photograph the cockcrows show.  We had an audience in the west wing, looking on and curious at what we were doing walking in “their” paddock.
(Having Junior with me would have made these cattle more attentive than usual, we have dingoes in our area, which these cattle may have encountered. There would be an innate warning intuition built in these cattle genes when seeing a dog. As we don’t use dogs to work our cattle either, they don’t have the respect for dogs, cattle that are worked by dogs, would have.)

The sky was a huge give away at daylight, to the up coming, yet to behold, sunrise.
Less sky, more cloud, more colour.
Adding to the view, #BossMan in our tractor and a plane contrail.
It’s like a time call to the beginning of a show….director Mother Nature…..
……time to take your seats….
…….as it gets closer to “show time”….
#BossMan drives by, in the tractor, loaded with hay to feed the weaners.
…..pure magic….4mins before sunrise.
I finished taking photos of the sunrise….so off I went to open the cattle yard gates for #BossMan so he could feed the weaners. It was a very still morning, so the dust is hanging in the air, giving off a haze.
My four legged friend keeping an eye on me from outside the cattle yard.
Shiny, good size weaners, some still looking for their mothers.

Some weaners on the outside of the yard, in the House Paddock, amongst the trees and dust hanging in the air. The heifer looking sheepish behind the tree…..there is a reason for that…

……the heifer thought #Junior was a threat….a natural instinct for her…..and had a go at him….the “cattle dog” thought it best he keep an eye on the heifer and me, from the safety of the house yard, behind the gate. (giggle)
The sun was well and truly up when I went to close the gate buy diclofenac sodium enteric coated tablets over our house grid….yes there was a reason I needed to do this…the tractor had just gone over the house yard grid….

#BossMan took the tractor to get some more hay, for the bulls in the yard, in another pen….the weaners in the House Paddock have learnt that the tractor sound meant “food” coming… they were following the “hay train”….some, but not all of the weaners, find it easy to just walk over this grid…..the fellow in the lead was cheeky enough to think he could walk over the grid, with me standing right there in front of him….if you could caption this
“oh shivers…. human in the road”
“go on Nigel dare ya to walk it”
“yeah go on Nigel what are ya, bullock or a calf?”
They weren’t too impressed when I shut the gate in their faces.

Have I mention I truly love our cattle and have a very soft spot for the reds?
When arriving back home, later in the day, from a trip to town, these weaners were feeding not far from the gate, down towards the lagoon, some didn’t bother to look up, some had a look, but none were bothered or troubled by my presence in a vehicle. Our cattle being this way, I have taken for granted for many years now, this is how they should be as far as I am concerned. There is a lot of time put into them so that they are content and healthy, using best animal welfare and handling practices to produce a product we are very proud of. I realised that many of my readers may not realise the story this photo tells, so I am more than happy to answer questions.
Just for a point of interest, this dry feed is full of nutrients. Lovely to see the nice body of feed we still have, dried by the very warm summer we have had, which is not unusual, with no rain since the middle of December.

I hope you enjoyed my March Morning as much as I did.

  1. Greg 

    One word “magnificent”

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