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Ann Britton Outback Photography

More Nephology by an Agriculturalist

Yesterday morning and again this morning at breakfast, about 5am, the moon looked like this..
NYR_2662-2 Moon ring
A distinct orange ring blended with other colours, as someone suggested “like marble.”
Yesterday’s sunrise started off with a pink tinge on the clouds before earth revolved to see the sun poking up amongst the clouds. 6.13am
NYR_2666 Sunrise OP 11 Jan
The humidity yesterday was massive. We Outback Queenslanders, are use to dry heat. But the air was that thick “you could cut a knife with it.”
In the afternoon the thunderclouds started to build. 3pm
NYR_2679 thunder clouds Goodwood
The clouds just wanted to show off 4.20pm
Big Sky Country
Wide Open Spaces
NYR_2684 clouds Goodwood
That cloud you can see on the right in the photo above…..
NYR_2688 big arse cloud Goodwood
……Twas a rather large one.
This morning at 4.30am we received 7mm in 5mins.
The sun didn’t shine as brightly this morning.
The humidity is still very thick. So it may bring more storms this afternoon.
NYR_2691 70mm 5mins Goodwood
Our rainfall so far this wet season at Goodwood:
We’ve recorded 4mm in one fall in November.
35mm (140pts) in 6 falls in December and so far in January we have had 26mm (106pts) in 4 falls.
This is why the 7mm we received this morning laid water. The ground has had a bit of a soaking. We have also had numerous overcast days, keeping the moisture that has fallen protected from the heat we usually are experiencing and giving the grass a chance.
We are extremely grateful and lucky to have received wonderful storm rain in our paddocks. But again it is storm rain and not a overall general rain, but as I say we are terribly pleased with what we have received.
Our creeks have run. So if this is a beginning to our Wet Season we would be extremely grateful for follow up rain to see us through the year.
Our annual rainfall is 9inches or 225mm

PS it was only after I had finished jotting this down and was trying to think of a title that I realised that all the photos involved clouds 🙂

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