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Ann Britton Outback Photography

Mustering….Scarsdale style

Mustering always calls for an early morning start…..well earlier than normal.
A sunrise snapped while travelling to Scarsdale….40mins north of Boulia
It looks like fog, but it is really….
….dust. We were the third vehicle heading along the Selwyn Road (which is a gravel/dirt road) and there was no wind, so the dust “hung” in the air.
Some of the crew headed to the back of Scarsdale to start the steers towards the yards, while #BossMan caught some sleep, Claire and I were entertained by the newest member of her household….
BRA_4083 Artie
Meet Artie….yes he is super cute…and very entertaining with his funny antics.
But when he runs out of puff….
……he falls to sleep very easily.
#BossMan, Claire, Kimberly and myself had a bit of a yarn & laugh while we waited for the….
…..”eye in the sky” to arrive. A new pilot so….
….#BossMan had to go up with him to show him Scarsdale’s eastern boundary (over those channels you can see on the left of this photo) and directions to the west boundary where Anthony and Tojo were mustering.BRA_6120 roos tree lined channels Scarsdale
Scarsdale is made up of channel country and…..
BRA_6360 vastness Scarsdale
……and open downs (these last two photos where taken in April this year from the same spot, just looking in the opposite directions)BRA_4102
So with the “eye in the sky” the steers started flowing into the water points.IMG_6428 Artie
There was a change of plans due to a couple of things, I was designated to the Toyota while Kimberly took charge of the 4wheeler. So I was appointed baby sitting duties, which was a really tough gig.
When we had our mob of steers altogether, we walked them to the water point closer to the yard, to wait for the cattle from the west side. The chopper had finished his work, so I met him again at the AvGas drum so he could fuel up, have a sandwich and I waved him on his way. That little prayer I send up every muster was answered and I am so very grateful of that.BRA_4106
Kimberly, Claire and I had lunch while waiting for the fellows to join their mob of cattle with our mob on dinner camp. Some came to see what we were up to. There was a very strong wind while on dinner camp, stirring up dust.
Then the fellows and their mob of steers, turned up. Claire and Kimberly, went to make sure the steers, made it to the watering point while the fellows had some lunch.BRA_4109
The cattle were given time to have a drink and a rest….. BRA_4110
….before we poked them off camp…..BRA_4112….and towards the yards….BRA_4118
….a taste of something different along the way.BRA_4120
Once the steers were in the yard, which was watered again one final time. (Kimberly had watered the yard for the previous two days so that it was better for cattle and crew to work in, she did a great job with our two fire fighting water tankers) After that, it was a waiting game for the agents to arrive so we could start drafting. Once the drafting started about 1pm, I had a clip board in one hand, tally marking as steers were put into different yards, some being weighed to check which pen they would end up in. I had the job of opening crush if steers didn’t meet the correct weight. So the camera was left in the car. We finished drafting the steers and had them penned up ready for trucking this morning by about 4.30pm. A good days muster and yard work. We headed home, shower, prepared dinner and a nice rum and water that washed the dust down well.
PS in the above photo can you see Artie?
This morning after trucking 6 decks, the crew botulism and “back lined” for internal and external parasites the remaining steers, before letting them out into the paddock.



  1. Greg Phelan 

    Beautiful Ann, nice Steers considering the dryness of the whole area , If it is not to rude of a question, how many on 6 decks, Did you get to see the pic of David, Sarah & the simpsons on my page, Be Noce if the market is that good.

  2. annbritton 

    G’day Greg
    This 6 decks were made up of 5 decks smaller steers 130 & one deck bigger steers 22
    Yes we were blessed to have storms at Scarsdale beginning of year. Unlike Goodwood which missed out

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