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Ann Britton Outback Photography

Nephologist Agriculturalist

Yesterday I went on a bore run with #BossMan
It is just a natural thing for us to look at the skies.
I love clouds, main reason: I’m usually hoping rain will come out of them. But I also like photographing them for their amazing colours, shapes and if sky is visible amongst the cloud, it usually has so many shades of blue, I find the differences incredible.
NYR_2568-Edit copy
This was looking back towards home (south) from the Kennedy Development Road (Boulia to Winton), when we were leaving on our bore run.
Usually when we do the Mountain bore run we do a big loop, this time we headed west into town first, then north to Scarsdale (one of our blocks), west across to the Mountain and then south back onto the Kennedy Development Road.
I must add that when #BossMan said he was doing a “Mountain Run” the night before, I volunteered to be gate opener on one condition!
Can anyone guess what it was?
Yes as long as he stopped when I wanted to take photos.
NYR_2569-Edit copy
This was taken at the same spot as the photo above, looking east, yes about 7am in the morning & there is scuds breaking, an unusual occurrence for us.
Looking north the skies were clear. Considering that people in the north were talking about the monsoonhappening or starting the day before, as #BossMan said “Mother Nature is a tease”
NYR_2570-Edit copy
Scarsdale, where our boys (male cattle) are, see the hint of green? Bit of a shower received here, a good start, if that is what it is. (#BossMan had stopped to check Bullock Hole watering point)
NYR_2571-Edit copy
This is the same paddock, as above, a few kilometres to the north, just to show you that the storms that have been received are very narrow, with not that much moisture in them, but we are very grateful for what we have received. (I asked #BossMan to stop so I could take this as a comparison photo, Black Mountain is in the background)
NYR_2575-Edit copy
Don’t you just love the colours, different clouds, different blues, hint of green in the grass, red earth. It just excites me viewing it, amazing stuff. (Taken From Moving Car: #TFMC)
NYR_2577 copy
Hint of promise, hope, on the ground and in the sky. #TFMC
NYR_2578 copy
Can you see those big fluffy clouds behind those floaters? #TFMC
NYR_2580 copy
See them now? Get excited. #TFMC
NYR_2584 copy
A grasshopper (I call them hopper grassers, think it came from the kids, way back when they couldn’t say grasshopper properly) getting a free ride. They are plentiful at the moment, a bit of green pick and you will find grasshoppers and kangaroos in abundance #survival #BossMan did stop as he had to slow down for the water in this creek.
Note: see how clean bonnet is!
NYR_2585 copy
Surface water. Creeks with water in them, takes the pressure off man made water infrastructure and lets the cattle spread out, maximising and utilising all the feed. It also means, for us, that our neighbours received a good drop of rain, which again we are grateful for. #BossMan did stop for me and made the comment “no wonder it takes you so long to do a bore run”  like stating the obvious LOL
#TFMC another different cloud pattern and different blues, that just makes the sky look magic.
NYR_2587 copy
Again many different clouds #bigskycountry #wideopenspaces
NYR_2589 copy
We left Scarsdale and were driving through the neighbours to get to main road and there was this little patch of mud that #BossMan missed seeing, most likely being Nephologist at the time. Can you see the tracks through the mud & they veer off the road?
NYR_2590 copy
I wasn’t quick enough to grab camera before #BossMan operated the windscreen wipers so we could see where we were going.
NYR_2603 copy

One little section of mud, did this, only because of the speed in which we drove into it, we weren’t going that fast, we could have went around it on dry earth, ha ha, lucky #BossMan was driving. I took this when we got home.
NYR_2591 copy
A little water in a rock hole in the Burke River, that has recently ran, about 40km north of Boulia. We cross this Burke River crossing, in another neighbours paddock, between Scarsdale and Black Mountain.
NYR_2592 copy
They sort of look like space ships don’t you reckon? More differently shaped buy diclofenac 50 mg uk clouds. We are in Black Mountain now. We are stopped cause I had to open the gate from Paton paddock going to New Bore. This is looking south, back towards Boulia.
NYR_2593 copy

Our girls and their babies are doing well at New Bore (looking north, not much cloud at all)
NYR_2595 copy
Black Mountain from New Bore with the added affect of that wonderful mix of clouds.
NYR_2597 copy
We had the windows down, so these grasshoppers were finding their way inside the cab. I was very pleased I wasn’t riding a motorbike, as when doing so these blokes sting when they hit.
NYR_2598 copy
Our “mother up paddock” and what is called the horse paddock, have received the most rain on Black Mountain. We call this the mother up paddock cause we draft our girls straight out of the yards into this paddock (you can see the yards on horizon, about the middle of this photo) and when the calves have been processed they join their mothers here to “mother up”. So to have this feed in this paddock is a great thing, again feeling blessed. This photo is taken at our boundary gate at the 15 Mile (windmill) looking north and the cloud is building.
NYR_2599 copy
I asked #BossMan when we got to our turn off, basically where we started, where the Coorabulka Road, (the road that Goodwood is on) meets the Kennedy Development Road (Winton to Boulia) that he stop and I will take a photo looking in every direction. This is looking north, where we had come from, 70km in ^^^^ that direction is Black Mountain (at about 1 o’clock on this photo)
NYR_2600 copy
Looking east towards Winton.NYR_2602 copy
Looking south down the Coorabulka Road to Goodwood, about 4km away.
NYR_2601 copy
Looking west toward Boulia about 5km away. We got back about 11am. A four hour trip that would have been over 200km.
NYR_2613 copy
Our horse paddock at Goodwood about 2pm yesterday afternoon, these clouds looked exciting too.
NYR_2614 copy
Looking south east across horse paddock trough, bit of a scud out there.
I use the trough as a object for photography, my photo taking companion uses it for his own use, well of course, according to him, we put it there for his use only. #Junior
6.30 yesterday evening, again to the north, looking up the Coorabulka Road, there was some very interesting cloud.
Just to give you an idea of how narrow these storms are, just to the right, looking east of that amazing cloud, there was blue sky.
The sun shining through the cloud as the earth rotates towards nightfall, a few scuds to the south west.

We didn’t receive any rain at Goodwood yesterday. We are hoping that we were under some rain at Black Mountain.

Yes I have to agree with #BossMan Mother Nature can be a tease.
I don’t look at long range forecasts. They do my head in, usually because they never come to fruition.
Just looking outside and seeing this amazing cloud and it not raining is enough to become a little annoying.
What makes me cling to hope is that there is rain being recorded, if not in our shire in neighbouring shires, in the Northern Territory, the cloud activity has moisture in it. We just have to wait our turn.
I have witnessed cloud like this, overcast for days, and not one single drop has come from it.
Goodwood, in the last 29months, has received 181mm (724points) with a total of 26 days recording rain, the biggest fall was 30mm. We haven’t been the luckiest to receive rain in the area but we haven’t been the unluckiest either. We have been fortunate to have had more rain in the paddocks, for this we are very fortunate and grateful.
We live in one of the most arid spots in Australia, we have a business that relies on rain which isn’t guaranteed, so we must plan for if it doesn’t rain.
I haven’t written any of my blogs looking for any sort of sympathy. They are all written so that those that don’t know about where we live or our business has a better understanding, just like this blog.
Hopefully, in the not too distant future, I will have a “Rain” blog for you all to read. #anotherdayclosertobigwet

  1. Merry-Anne 

    What a beautiful landscape with very interesting skies atm. Hoping to see the rain blog soon. I’m sure a bore run would take me many hours with so many features to take in. I’m sure Bossman knows every inch of that land but we all see differently; you want to capture it.

  2. annbritton 

    #BossMan now sees more than he ever did Merry-Anne which is just wonderful in my eyes. He even stops and takes photos, which is marvellous. If a bore run took you hours, I would think that great, nothing better than people that have an interest.
    It is a beautiful landscape, even in drought but yes hoping to write a “wet” blog in the near future, thanks.

  3. Paul Cox 

    Nice to see a bit more green then when I was visiting. Nowhere near enough rain yet but some is better than nothing. I think as much as the rain you have had is a bit of a tease, the mental aspect of some rain, can be beneficial.

    I washed bloody Millie too and you and the young fella go and get her muddy! I mean really!

  4. annbritton 

    It is very nice to see a bit of green Paul, lovely to see the country responding with just a big of moisture. If it is a start we will be more than happy.
    Oh well whoever saw the car most likely thought we had inches of rain, just goes to show people shouldn’t assume 🙂 It washed off rather easily & the young fella even helped clean.

  5. john 

    Always a good day when I read your blog and see the photos of that beautiful country.

    Keep sharing please 🙂

  6. annbritton 

    No worries at all John, thank you and I will. Thanks for dropping by and making a comment I’m really pleased you are enjoying my blogs 🙂

  7. Anne@Grit and Giggles 

    I love watching changing clouds. I can take the same or similar scene hundreds of times and never get bored because of changing skies. Those clouds were looking very promising. The weather is a tease, we got rain the other day and just cloud and spitting ever since. Wet season teaser. I hope we hear tales of rain soon.

  8. annbritton 

    A fellow Nephologist Anne it seems. The weather is indeed a tease. Raining to the north of us and to the west. Lovely falls being recorded. We just have to be a bit more patient and wait our turn. When the rain comes I’m sure to let you know about it, thanks.

  9. CountryMum 

    Yes, hopefully very soon you will have a blog post on the rain that you have received. Love seeing your bore run photos. Your landscape, the clouds and the huge horizon is stunning.

  10. Boogal Brahmans 

    Hi Ann
    Love clouds also and love to photograph them. Have travelled the Winton/Boulia road many times in the “dim distant past ” and was great to see the wide horizons again! Lets hope for some general rain to set in your way soon.
    Bron B

  11. annbritton 

    G’day Bron B, Appreciate your understanding and love for clouds and photography.
    Yes the journey from Winton to Boulia varies so much but amongst it all are those wonderful “wide open spaces” and “big skies”
    General rain would just be the answer for so many and we are all still positive, thanks.

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