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October Eagles

There is more than one reason why I want to share these photos of eagles…I wonder if you can guess it before I state it

The roadkill was just off the side of the bitumen road on the way to Boulia town.

This eagle doesn’t really want to get too far from the roadkill it is feeding on …it is breezy and there are many crows around.

Driving a car and trying to take photos of an eagle that would no doubt like to get back to feeding than entertaining my shutter finger.

Well worth the wait and patience when I am able to take shots like this

…and the next day, voting day, Saturday 31 October, #BossMan offers to drive while I snap.
I was surprised to see there was still roo roadkill to be eaten and there were numerous eagles in the area
The power of such a big bird to take off, with a push-up via the legs…and wings in the air…

..and a push down from the wings

…it seems effortless and so graceful …considering how wobbly they seem on the ground, and walking.

The other reason to show these photos is to show off the amazing ground cover…I have raved on about this all year…normally at this time of year this ground would be bone dry, dusty, bare of all vegetation. The buffle grass tuskets would be just black little stumps.
The reason the roos were by the roadside is that green pick that you can see in this photo.
Unfortunately, the kangaroo was killed by passing traffic. I’m sure the eagles are very grateful, they were able to find an easy meal.

Not just one eagle in this photo

I would love for all the trees to live and survive the dry times…but some don’t and others die of old age. They serve a purpose though.

They are built as a flying weapon for their survival. Power, patterns, amazing eyes…they are a presence of strength

Two flying eagles in this photo.

Streamlined, grace, beauty.

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