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Old Man Emu and his chicks

We’ve had the wonderful experience of having an Old Man Emu and his chicks hanging around Goodwood since the beginning of August.
The main reason being the drought and that he can water his chicks at our overflow from our house windmill.
BRA_8770 copy emu & chicks 1
Kimberly first spotted them, Father and six chicks, at the overflow when I was in Isa one day and messaged me to tell me. The fact that she did this made me smile, you know #thelittlethings.
BRA_8770 Emu & chicks 2
On 6 August they were spotted again and by the time I grabbed my camera and jumped in Millie to go find them, to capture them, they were out on the open flat & very uncomfortable to have me so close. Even though I was using my zoom lens to take their photo. I didn’t hang around, I thought it marvellous he had six chicks and they didn’t need me making their chances of survival even slimmer.
We did see Old Man Emu around now and then, we noticed he only had five chick and then he was down to four.
BRA_2716 Emu & four chicks
We were very excited to find that he and his chicks had ventured on to our house lawn the other day.
This story made it into the Townsville paper.
BRA_2702 emu looking back to see
Humans hope that Mother Nature knows best, and when native babies start appearing we like to think that a good season is ahead with plenty of abundant food to sustain the young. Maybe the animals are as wishful thinking as us. So seeing an Old Man Emu with chicks is a good omen for us farmers.
ABR_0330 emu
This emu drinking at our overflow on  5 November 2014, I wonder if it is our Old Man Emu?
BRA_8405 Emus in Boulia
Emus are a common site in our shire, generic diclofenac potassium even in the main street. There were three emus feeding on the green median strip outside the Post Office 24 July 2015. It looks like these two are putting their heads together to work out where to from Boulia, they will go.
Emus Aussie Day 2013 Sports Center
This Father emu and his four chicks were on the lawn of the Sports Centre when #BossMan & I arrived for Australia Day celebrations in 2013. We thought that very fitting, considering the date.
Emus have visited our town on many occasions, usually due to dry conditions. The biggest trouble seems to be to very large and messy calling card they can leave behind, usually in the most unpopular places. Like the front of businesses and tourist attractions. Giving a bit of a different meaning to “Welcome to our Town”
BRA_1114 Scarsdale emus
On the wide open paddocks of Scarsdale this is what emus look like.
PBR_4045 emus
A few emus I spotted on a trip to Mt Isa.
IMG_0432 29 9 2012 emus
Four emus amongst the tall grass and coolabahs checking me out when I was doing a bore run.
Seems Mother Nature may have been right when these grown chicks were born. Muddy ground and already green pick. Very blessed emus. (I would guess this photo taken 2012 or before)

The first place I Governessed 1981, there was a pet emu, who use to peer through the school room window at us, with great curiosity. At the same time there was a pet emu at Camooweal that would greet the visitors to town, at the service station. They are great characters with very funny head movements at times, especially when running.

  1. Anne@GritandGiggles 

    I absolutely love emus. They are such characters and so funny looking in all their handsomeness. Thanks for sharing your emu finds. I recall having them hanging out around the outside of the house yard on the place I used to governess and regularly finding them hanging out near the road.

  2. David Matheson 

    Hi Anne
    In the late 60’s there was a tame emu that lived in Buronga NSW just across the border from Mildura, this emu would wait at the roundabout at the junction of the Silver City Highway and the Sturt Highway and pull up vehicles to consume the grasshoppers caught in the radiator grill! It caused much havoc to the traffic (pun intended)!

  3. annbritton 

    I’m really sorry David that I haven’t replied to this earlier, very slack of me, I did read it.
    I can just imagine an emu doing that David. What a sight.
    I traveled through Mildura as a child on school holidays and it had a great impression on me. It was autumn and the colours were amazing.
    On this road trip we have seen an Old Man Emu and about half a dozen very young chicks on the side of the road. I hope he takes them elsewhere real soon.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting David and again sorry for the very late reply. Ann

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