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People with Opinions Vs Accountability

How can the media get it so wrong?
I  totally  fail to understand how they can do this.
How can they destroy people’s lives with sensationalism?
I cannot understand this either.
That Cameron Smith’s character has shone through, the truth,  through the BS, says so much.
My question is when…..when will the media be held accountable for their sensationalism….for ratings…for their own sensationial and narrow agenda…..when?

Within the same week another media blooper from the Daily Mail Australia that had those with facts feeling a need to correct false and damaging assertions once again. Aussie Farms  is a group of like minded people, many farmers, with a passion to speak about and to provide facts about agriculture in Australia. The good, the bad and in this instance, the down right ugly media misrepresentation.
I did tweet to Heather McNab but it seems she doesn’t just avoid dairy products but also fails to answer questions about her  alarming the general public with  false  and potentially dangerous information.
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I will not compare the damage of these articles with each other or any other article or programme but I’ve been questioning some main stream media actions, questions and  broadcasts for many years now. But it really hit home, May 2011.

Have you ever been blamed for something you didn’t do and felt the incredulity and helplessness associated with such an accusation?

Have you ever experienced having your business and livelihood pulled out from under your feet overnight, for reasons that have nothing to do with economics?

Have you ever felt judged by people who obviously do not have the credentials to pass judgement on you or what you do?

These questions I have asked since 2011 and it seems they could be asked by many. Why do we have to ask these questions?
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It seems because others can’t be bothered to get their facts right. Others such as Ms McNab whose “professional ” code of conduct actually  lists fact checking as part of their job description. Where is their accountability or responsibilty?

But it is not just some professional journalists that think their opinion is gospel, but also some radio and television hosts and reporters.
Unfortunately some people in the Agricultural industry have decided that their opinion also speaks for all of Ag.

Just because the likes of Alan Jones says something, doesn’t mean that is it fact, it is only his opinion on a topic. Again it would be so much better if the likes of these “big names” did their homework first and didn’t let a personal agenda get in the way of facts.
“Toxic” CSG melon claims anger grow Alan Jones may have wanted to make a point and highlight what he thinks is wrong, but by actually doing this he was damaging innocent businesses with big fat lies.
I’m not saying all that Alan Jones says is wrong, but if he makes claims and backs the ill-informed for their or his agenda for one story, does that mean he is credible for all other stories he pushes?

Doctors if they malpractice may have their licence taken from them and can no longer practice.
The general public, if they break the law, may have action against them enforced so that we as people, must be accountable for our actions and if we step outside the law there may be severe consequences.
What happens to journalists, reporters, media hosts, who don’t do their homework to bring balance and facts on a topic into an article they write?

Articles such as the one written by Ms McNab can cause great harm to many people and to an entire industry. Surely she and others should care enough to actually do some basic fact checking BEFORE publishing such an ill informed & inflamatory piece.
Seems they can play the blame game or wait for the general public to move onto another sensationalised media article.
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I could name numerous other examples of main stream media unprofessionalism, over all forms, print, radio, television and social media. I would like to add there are main stream media journalists that pride themselves as being professional to their code. What I am asking is that we do not take the media as gospel, yes you should be able to  if they followed their code to the letter, but sadly far too often, too many media outlets and journalists don’t and as a result the general public fail to be offered a balanced view on issues that can severely impact on lives and industries. It is so easy to twist words and take them out of context, think about why anyone needs to do this?
If journalist’s actually obeyed their code, as they should, ethics would play a greater role in their articles then is currently happening. If the code is not being adhered to, then it should be noted, in big words at the top of article that it is an opinion piece or op-ed.
Please also remember that TV hosts and reporters are just that….their bosses want ratings, dramatising, sensationalising no matter who gets hurts seems to be the case for many main stream media both television and radio.
Just remember EVERY story has two sides, if you hear a story via media, an opinion piece from a personal blog (like my own) if it seems only one side is being told, ask yourself “is there more to this story?”
If the story is about Australian Agriculture of any form, if you are interested enough to know more please ask a farmer, or farmers organisation.
If a piece of writing doesn’t have a balanced view and doesn’t have links for more information it is an opinion piece by that person or organisation.
Those that have self appointed themselves as righteous using a pen, keyboard or microphone as their weapons to push their beliefs, are continuing to do so as the general public believe what they say is true. They aren’t accountable to anyone, because it is just their opinion. I believe many are abusing the privilege of a high public profile. Are they damaging people’s lives?
I believe they are, without any repercussions, so they continue to do so.
People need to question these with the gift of the gab, make them put their money where their opinion is and back themselves with some integrity.
If a professional journalist is not telling the whole story then they should be made accountable as they are breaking their code of conduct.
If these people haven’t got a conscious as to what their opinion is doing to others I feel strongly they should be accountable.
It is long overdue.

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