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Ann Britton Outback Photography

Queen Vera Muster

“come out to Queen Vera later and help us yard these old cows” said #BossMan Easter Monday 13 April 2020.
#BossMan, Kahnie, Tojo, and Ronald headed to Hedford early, gathering cows, calves and weaners together. Scotty to join them about 10am to help in the channels of the 9mile Queen Vera (beside Hedford, both north of Goodwood)
Kimberly went to town & purchased burgers from the Riverside Roadhouse for all the #GoodwoodCrew. It’s usually a treat when we muster Clearview, but given the circumstances and no tourist coming to town, it is nice to give the local business, not long taken over by a young Mum, a bit of support. Plus they are very good burgers to boot #BossMan tells me.


Ohhhhh good nick cattle, wonderful ground cover on the open country at Queen Vera.
Some of these old cows have just had their weaners taken off them, but there seems to be a couple weaners that were missed.

To see cows, older cows in such good nick, healthy coats, is truly a blessing. The moon is still visible in the morning light.
You know that grin on that cat from Alice in Wonderland?
We just had a weekend all about rabbits, that hopefully arrived on time.
“I’m late, I’m late” and down the rabbit hole went Alice. #remember
Cheshire Cat, leaving the grin behind as he disappeared, that grin, that is the one I wear when I look at this photo.

Keep scrolling if cattle and a good body of feed/ground cover doesn’t interest you.
I’ll just keep grinning.

Two older cows and a younger heifer.
9Mile channels in the background

I think the girls will settle here amongst this feed.

Lovely old girl.

Scotty got the cows out of the channels onto the open country with the help of Kahnie and #BossMan on bikes.
Old girls and old yards (to the right, out of the photo) with a bit of a laneway to yard up.
abr_1477-cloud-windmill-queen-vera-2-2(…in the same spot, what the ground looks like without rain)

The vehicles got the call to come help yard up. The opportunity to take a photo was too good for me, so Kimberly heads off to help, while I snap away.

The old cows are a bit cunning and seem to be able to count, (ratio people to them) so Scotty keeps them honest by hovering above and just behind them as the ground crew direct them into the yard.

Cows and weaners not giving any trouble with Scotty in place.
I did help yard up, from outside the wing.
Yard gate shut and Scotty was on his way, and the ground crew penned up the cattle.
Tojo and Ronald were with another mob walking them to the Goodwood yard. Scotty had given them a hand too.
Kahnie, watching the progress of the cattle going through the gate as they pen up. Backpack of water “camel pack” with a UHF radio pouch attached.

Kimberly positions herself on the rail guiding the stock through the gateway.
#BossMan, walking to shut the gate once the cattle had walked through. Camel pack and radio as well.
Good job ground crew.

To give you an idea of why I grin so big, happily and gratefully…this is what Queen Vera can look like, without rain.  01 December 2013
Same trees and ground cover after rain.

Cattle and 9 Mile Channel doing it tough 2013

21 December 2013, a hint of rain showing on the ground, the gateway into Queen Vera open country paddock.
Where we left the mob of cows (photograph below) was just the other side of the fence, above.
The fence in front of the cattle in the next photograph, is the same fence in the above photograph.

The gateway to Queen Vera is just to the right of this photograph.
This ground cover is why we feel so blessed. In marginal country where one in ten years is an exceptionally good year, three can be normal and the rest very hit and miss. More miss than hit most times.
We manage knowing, these are the climate challenges for us. When Mother Nature blesses us with rain and good floods two years in a row when others in areas where rain is more common are missing out, we know in our hearts and souls, just how very lucky we are.

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