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Ann Britton Outback Photography

Road Trip East 12 November 2015

The road traveling east from Boulia to Winton I have driven since 1983, back when Greyhound buses travelled on it and there was still a stretch of dirt in the Boulia Shire not yet sealed.
From the Burke River system at Boulia, to the Hamilton Channels, on to the Middleton Channels, the Mighty Diamantina and every creek crossing in between the landscape changes. The land seems to vary in between the major water courses.
These are part of the Cawnpore Hills which have been shown in some box office hit movies.
The silvery gidgea trees showing their survival skills.
The Cawnpore Hills rest on the boundary of the Boulia and Winton Shires.
Can you imagine the energy that caused this huge rock to break away from the hills surrounding it. How many years ago?
What length of time was needed to cause this weathering?
These hills were all part of an inland sea and I often think of the dinosaurs I have learnt about from Dinosaur Dick, may he rest in peace, at the Stone House Museum in Boulia, swimming about when it was once covered in water.
The view from the road between the Cawnpore Hills, no matter if in dry or wet season, it looks spectacular.
A quote from the Middleton Pub owner Lester Cain “I have always said that if John Wayne knew this country was here, he would come back and make one more movie, just for old time’s sake.”
The Middleton common windmill
A dead introduced athel pine tree near the Middleton common watering point.
The road heading east to Winton, the hills in the background are the other side of the Middleton Pub.
Can you see the gap between the rocks on the left hand side of the rocky outcrop on top of the hill?
A clever ringer, a long time ago, decided to see if he could jump from the main hill to the broken off bit. Yes he was able to jump over well enough but he didn’t have enough run up to jump back again, so had to be winched back generic diclofenac gel over.
This hill is on the eastern side of the Middleton Pub.
There has been yet another movie  made around the Middleton Pub. This movie set of an old home has been left standing as requested by Winton locals.
The open landscape around Middleton with hills on the horizon.
Looking forward looking back is a famous song title by Slim Dusty

Looking forward, looking back
I’ve come a long way down the track
Got a long way left to go
Making songs, from what I know

Making sense of what I’ve seen
All the love we’ve had between
You and I, along the track
Looking forward, looking back

There are strange days
Full of change on the way
But we’ll be fine, unlike some
I’ll be leaning forward, to see what’s coming
On the other side of the Middleton flats are similar hills with different vegetation, added spinifex and gum trees.
A cool piece of spinifex I saw across the road from the Poddy Creek rest stop. I thought it too funny not to stop and take a photo.
When I arrived in Winton these clouds were making lots of noise and lightning to the east of town.
The drive to Hughenden was shadowed by massive cloud to the east the whole way. You could see rolling clouds of dust in front of the storms. The sky looked magnificent and the three of us in the car wished those under the clouds lot of moisture and no damage.
We fuelled up in Hughenden and started driving towards Charters Towers where we were to stay the night. We drove through this lovely rain just outside of Hughenden. The three of us, two Boulia-ites and one Winton-ite thought it was glorious. Scanning social media we learnt that some in Hughenden received 45mm but the winds were destructive with it. We read about rain in and around Winton and Muttaburra. Narrow storms, but if this was the start of early storms leading up to the wet season I think everyone would be happy.

  1. Greg Phelan 

    Beeautiful Ann

  2. annbritton 

    Thanks Greg

  3. BB 

    Amazing shots = felt like I was there!!!!

  4. annbritton 

    So glad you did BB, I’m pleased 🙂

  5. Chookyblue 

    what spectacular countryside……….

  6. annbritton 

    It is rather Chookyblue, but I could be bias, just a little 😉

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