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Saturday Baking

I’m usually a very basic (easy) baker, and I usually reach for this book every time
This is my 2nd copy of this book. My first one I obtained in high school, as my students cooking book used in home economics, basically it fell to pieces. My Special Aunty from Dalby got me this one for me and as you can see it is well used.
Today I reached for another book, I was thinking of doing jam drops, raspberry coconut slice, custard creams and choc chip biscuits.
IMG_5725 copy
So checked for ingredients so I could make the recipes I selected, or I could substitute if need be.
IMG_5738 copy
Who uses the butter wrapper to grease the baking trays?
IMG_5732 copy
So both recipes, I selected, from the Women’s Weekly needed things to be heated and cooled. So time management, or pretended I could apply some, kicked in.
IMG_5726 copy
This was how I did the apple custard custard creams. No fancy apple cutter. I didn’t double the recipe like I usually do.
IMG_5728 copy
They didn’t take that long to cook, with their custard, sugar, milk and cream cheese filling made and ready to put between two biscuits.
IMG_5739 copy
Do you think they generic diclofenac look like the book?
IMG_5731 copy
Meanwhile, between doing stages of first lot of biscuits I was doing these too.
IMG_5727 copy
Had to cut these ones out as well.
IMG_5729 copy
Half way through cooking I added a drop of jam.
IMG_5741 copy
They didn’t take long to cook either.
IMG_5737 copy
I melted the last of my Melbourne bought chocolate.
Today was a very warm day, all windows open and fans on, so working with melted chocolate really wasn’t like it should be on a winters day.
IMG_5742 copy
Do you think the end of the production line looks like the book? (giggle)
IMG_5734 copy
Knowing these two batches of biscuits wouldn’t last long with the crew, I reached for my old faithful cookbook to cook a double batch of choc chip biscuits.
IMG_5730 copy
The mixture looked good.
IMG_5736 copy
The uncooked biscuits, which I rolled between my hands to make into balls, and pressed down with a fork, yes I made them rather large.
IMG_5743 copy
The cooked choc chip biscuits.
My baking day is over till next time.
So when the smoko bell rings at Goodwood you will know what crew are eating next couple of days.

  1. Greg Phelan 

    I am hungry, Be carefull making suggestions about dropping in

  2. annbritton 

    is that a threat Greg 😉 ?

  3. Anne@GritandGiggles 

    Ooh those biccies sound good. I know they never last long but sometimes it is fun to make something new and a bit more time consuming. I don’t do much baking these days but you are making me want to do some … if only someone else would do the clean up.

  4. annbritton 

    Hope you find it worth the clean up Anne and do some baking, sure it will be rewarding. Please let me know how you go, Ann

  5. Amanda 

    Marmar and Pop have taste tested along with myself and ….they were bloody yummy!!!!!! Well done Aunty x

  6. annbritton 

    Thanks Manda Joyce, I’m really pleased they have been enjoyed, Love Aunty xo

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