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Ann Britton Outback Photography

Scarsdale….tailing bullocks….after 4-5inches rain

Warning this blog has a large number of photos 😀

7th April was our “tailing out” day of steers/bullocks, and yard work, at Scarsdale, to get ready to truck the steers/bullocks 8th April. We arrived at the yards, about 40km north of Goodwood at 7am, to this view.
Letting cattle out of the yards, onto feed, helps with the settling down procedure.
Yes there is a story behind the “pink ramp”
I saw it (about three years ago), wanted it and #BossMan bought it via auction. The good people from Charters Towers Steel Supplies supplied the steel, their employees gave of their time to build and paint it and the money from the auction, main reason I wanted it, went to Queensland Cancer Council.
LOL #BossMan said “my boys won’t ever use that ramp” wonder how they going to get on the truck tomorrow?
Just goes to show that #BossMan’s boys are “tough enough” to use a pink ramp.
Sunshine and dust…..walking steers out….for a drink.
There are a couple little “dumps” on the ground not far from the yards. I took these with Melinda Walsh in mind. These dumps would have been put there long before our yards were built. There would be a story behind these dumps no doubt, long before the Britton’s lay claim to owning Scarsdale.
Looking into the sun while steers start feeding out, after a drink.
…..check it out… feed….long….seeding….green feed……get excitedBRA_8520
…..this is the 2nd one of many more green feed…..haying off feed….photos in this blog.
This is bliss……to me….green feed….good nick cattle……bliss….
It has been four weeks since the last rain at Scarsdale. All up we have had between 4 and 5 inches.
How good for this Coolabah to grow all by itself out on the flat while all its mates are in the channel behind. I thought of Roger S Maywald when taking this photo.
#bigskycountry #wideopenspaces
Scarsdale is about 70,000acres and yes we are lucky enough to have feed like this all over it #blessed
……you were warned….green feed photos are going to be numerous
I have shared so many dust, dry, no feed photos with you that I thought I better overindulge you in what the country and stock looks like after rain.
Shiny, healthy steers and seeding Mitchell grass amongst other natural fodder.

They may not be “Mickey Mouse” but they are close.
What is it about males and ………rumps…….looking good boys, looking good.
Now you see me…..

….now you don’t LOL


Just in case you missed seeing the feed….

One of the bigger fellows, 3 year old


The paddock my daughter Claire and I were “tailing” these cattle in is about 100 acres,  it has a channel on each side and patches of stone amongst the feed.

The pigweed and button grass is growing amongst the stones as well as the seeding Mitchell grass.

oh did I happen to mention feed, green feed

…..also cattle in good nick, as well as environment……(only after reading over this blog, 100 times, did I realise that I forgot to mention how content the cattle are… is something I am use to….so fail to mention it…..they have no stress……and have no worries about bikes and vehicles poking around them directing them where we want them to go….this is because they are handled in a quiet manner from when the are born with their diclofenac gel generic price mothers and again when weaned and it continues on)BRA_8574

The boys don’t even bother looking up….just continue eating as I stop to take a photo.

Also enjoying the healthy environment…..BRA_8585

…..some native wildlife……BRA_8586

…..most likely they were happy feeding on the ground and would prefer not being disturbed #cockies
This Mitchell grass has hayed off a bit

Claire has gone back to the yards to help out and it is just “the boys and I” now. Really enjoying my office window today.
What do you do when you have a bit of time on your hands while watching over contented cattle on good feed…..well I have a play with the camera….and try and be creative.
BRA_8622 2
Goodness, when they lay down they disappear in the grass.

BRA_8626 2

There was a bit of a hole at the end of the paddock with water in it….so very contented, full and camped up steers. I had such a tough job LOL
Where the water is laying, note different vegetation.
I thought the cloud looked unusual…….but check out that feed LOL
Big patches of rocky area, yet where the cattle are is that feed you have seen all through this blog, my office window view. The only Iphone photo in this blog.

There were over 144 head of steers in the mob, not all of them went. But 6 decks of steers were loaded at Scarsdale and 2 decks of fat cows and bulls were loaded at Goodwood. So two Curley’s trucks, with 4 decks each, left Goodwood 8th April, after the truckies had a feed, to head to Winton. The cattle will spend the night in the yards in Winton and be loaded on trucks to travel to the meatworks at Rockhampton.

As I have said, the admiration I have for this truck driver and all good truck drivers like him, is huge. Knowing our stock are in good hands, is a comfort to livestock managers/owners, it is a great skill to drive these massive machines. These stock maybe going to meatworks, that doesn’t mean we don’t stop caring for them. Yes we want them in tip top condition so that we get the highest price possible for our product but we don’t dismiss our responsibility of care once they are on the truck, hence wanting good livestock truck drivers.
There is a lot of power happening in this photo…..pretty good sound too….but truck doing it easy with only 4 decks and not the usual 6.


Reflecting: I am proud of many things every day, but today (7 April) I did a lot of reflecting, considering the situation I was in (sitting in Millie, tailing cattle at Scarsdale) and how dry it has been and still is at home. I had proud Mum moments, working cattle with our daughter, both of us doing what we love. I had proud wife moments, as #BossMan puts 110% into making our business work. Even proud/blessed me moments, to be apart of this business, and what I add to it. My love of this land and life we lead. Thankful that we did receive storm rain (when many are still missing out)  and that I can do this reflecting amongst good nick cattle and green feed. How blessed my family and I are.

  1. Greg Phelan 

    Beautiful Ann the cattle look great comeing of a disastras period, absoutly magnificent.

  2. Chookyblue 

    woohoo…………….so excited for you that you got some rain………….and so much wonderful feed…………

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