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Ann Britton Outback Photography

Some birds in my backyard

A photographic blog of photos I captured of birds, one afternoon, in my backyard.

My treasured chooks are let out every afternoon about 4. They have been giving us up to a dozen eggs every day. Some days 13, and we have 13 chooks.
I wonder if the galahs are offended at the use of their name in a somewhat derogatory manner. The fact that they act like “bloody galahs” in their antics is to why the name may have come about in the first place.
Steel pigeon
Miss Bonnie and friend
In full voice (noise), one of the four guinea fowl. Apparently I need ten. #BossMan may not think so LOL
Bush telegraph
The local
Dead tree in flower.
This tree I watched die and begged it to “hang in there, rain is coming” in the last dry. The trees along the lagoon were looking sadder and sadder and I wondered how Mother Nature could do this to her own. We were totally destocked at home, had been for 18months or more. It didn’t rain first up, it flooded back in 2018. This tree, between the house and the lagoon, is closer to the back of the sheds than the lagoon. The flood we received was lovely, but just not big enough to reach this tree. (as much as I begged it to be)
One of the tallest trees around the lagoon. I’m pleased it is still useful.
Might be a good candidate to paint blue.
A blooming dead branch of an alive coolibah near the cattle yard.
A drink at the local, a preen on a dead branch before finding a roosting spot on the lagoon for the night.
Oh… that backdrop colour change by Mother Nature. The Outback light challenge I appreciate so much.
The sun has done its job for one more day in my Coolibah home.

There are numerous birds in my backyard that haven’t been captured here. There was the biggest mob of corellas down on the lagoon when I was taking these photos.
Magpies, PeeWees, all sort of pigeons and doves including Australia’s smallest dove. Hawks & Kites of different varieties. Crows, Willy Wagtails, and sometimes visiting parrots of different colours, spoonbills, black swans, pelicans, ducks of various variety, zebra finches, eagles and no doubt many more that I have forgotten at present.
Emu, brolga, cockatiel I just remembered.
I have a few photographic blogs on birds if you want to search my blogs for the others.
6 August 2020 these photos were taken.

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