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Ann Britton Outback Photography

Spring, in a corner of my garden

If you follow me on FaceBook, you will realise that these sunflowers are amongst my pumpkin patch. I thought that the sunflowers growing above the pumpkin vine would be just lovely, and they have proved that theory.
My daughter in law has dressed my youngest granddaughter in sunflower print for all of her 8 months of age, hence my new appreciation of the flowers. Especially since I haven’t been able to visit my son and his family since Covid arrived.
My good intentions of getting rid of the grass that the pumpkins were planted amongst before the vine got too big, fell by the wayside. Oh well, will have the vege patch ready for next year once the pumpkin vine dies off when the weather gets too hot for it.
These photos were taken on the 1st and 2nd days of Spring.

Yesterday, 7 September, I cut the sunflower in the background of this photo, which has the spider web on it. I trimmed it, gave the big head to the chooks, and put the others in a vase on the dining table.
#BossMan just showed me a video he took of (I assume) the spider that owns that web, that I must have brought in with the flower, making a web from the sunflowers in the vase, to the wall, ceiling, and back to the sunflowers, with a centre point between the three.
So I have a new pet inside.
I have thanked the chooks for the sunflower seeds I pinched out of their feed, so I can enjoy these sunflowers, by giving them back some sunflower heads to enjoy. They finally cottoned on what they were about.

From my FaceBook post; “I look at the #sunflowers with the light shining through them and think of one-word photosynthesis but my mind wonders…nature is just so amazing…the science we have learnt from plants is truly magnificent…every little hair, the shape of the petals, flowers, leaves, all have their part in making the plant exist …like all in nature their main aim is to survive and reproduce
It may be a fair bit different but the photosynthesis is how plants convert light to survival…their light challenge…the same light is my light challenge to take photos…without that light source us humans wouldn’t survive either…how convenient that the sun is just the right distance from the earth for us to survive…there are some amazing animals and humans in extremes of this earth that have adapted to survive well…from the depths of the sea to the highest of mountains and all places in between.”

Under the big yellow flowers grows the pumpkin flowers. This is a male flower.
Another male pumpkin flower. Look at all that beautiful nectar glowing in the sun and we have no bees to do the pollinating of the flowers.
A female pumpkin flower. I have to do all the pollinating by hand to grow pumpkins.
I think it is lovely that the sunflowers aren’t all the same. Like they have their own personalities.
Times like these I wish I had a macro lens.
Mother and child.
No real guesses why the sunflower got its name.
The Raggedy one amongst the pretties.
A lady with her bonnet on.
A shy one yet to bloom and shed her bonnet.
Baby sister.
The thistle flowers pale in the background of this beauty.
My new pets home in the garden.
Mother flower surrounded by her young.
My family of sunflowers, amongst the pumpkin vine, grass and weeds. All thriving.
From my hand pollination, pumpkins grow.
Three female pumpkin flowers. Two I have pollinated.
A sunflower impersonating a windmill…or our windmill impersonating a sunflower!
My youngest bottlebrush blooming before the older bigger tree.
Bit of fun with shutter speed and sprinklers.
Sunlight, highlighting the beauty of the blooming brush.
The beauty of amazing engineering, manmade, and natural.
The complete pruning of the ponytail bougainvillea was postponed due to the discovery of this nesting pigeon.
The pruning of the Pepperina Tree was done, so as not to disturb this nesting pigeon and make sure she still had shade.
Sidenote, I can’t handle the smell of this tree when it is cut. So I am thankful when someone else does it.

We will watch with interest the progress, new life, in these nests, in the future.

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