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Ann Britton Outback Photography

Storm Chasing

2 December the thunder rumbled and the rain fell but I only measured 4mm and I knew the cloud and rain were just east of the house.

sunset 1 best

So when the rain stopped I got on my faithful steed to go do some storm chasing.


Hoping that I was right, that the rain fell just east of the house,  I  soon confirmed this by the wetness of the ground. As Rick’s Dad would say “you don’t fatten them on the lawn”

muddy road

The sun was putting on a wonderful buy diclofenac gel show as it was setting.

Sunset 2

The clouds that were too far away to wet our country looked very promising for whoever was under these enormous thunder clouds.

Cloud 1

As the sun was setting, it kissed the top of one cloud.

sun kissed cloud
I hope to make more tracks tomorrow when I go further afield to check some more paddocks to see if they received some rain as well.

muddy road 2



  1. Lizzy (Good Things) 

    Just beautiful!

  2. annbritton 

    Thanks Lizzy, really enjoying sharing more of what I’m blessed to see every day, glad you are enjoying. Thanks heaps for retweets too, that is greatly appreciated.

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