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Sunday Morning Ponder

Twas thinking of all my dear family/friends, the ones that hold me close, even know I live so far away from them, this morning, as I often do.

This quote came to mind and I have been given it on a plaque by a wonderful family who are terrific friends.

I went for an unexpected drive this morning and in the paddock where the grass is poking its head through, from the storms we have had lately, was this lone Lily blooming.

Don’t you think its flowers look like stars?

How amazing is nature?

This ground has seen little rain over the last couple of years . This paddock is next to our house, although it has had more rain buy diclofenac sodium than at the house, still it hasn’t had anywhere near our average rain fall. Yet this flower has seen the chance to survive and reproduce.

Some may not see the beauty in the dead flowers but I do. Their seeds would be dropped ready to reproduce in the next chance that comes along. To me that is magic, wonderful nature.

So when I haven’t got the stars shining through during the day I have “star” Lily’s showing off. How lucky am I?

So I hope on your Sunday you are able to be just like me and be grateful for all the stars that align to help make your “survival” a magic one.
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  1. BB 

    And you are one of mine Ann!! 🙂 Adore day lillies/Christmas lillies/rain lillies/whatever you want to call them!!

  2. annbritton 

    Thanks BB you shine very brightly for me too, appreciate you doing that

  3. Robyn 

    Good morning Ann!

    Your stars are Crinums, maybe Crinums flaccidum, & such glorious specimens they are!
    They remind me of yourself, resilient & responds well to rain!

  4. annbritton 

    I love that Robyn, thanks very much, that description of me made me smile. I too think the specimens are glorious, hope your Morning is going well

  5. Glenda Gray 

    I love your little stars. One of my favourite things to do after good rain is to ride around and admire the wild-flowers that bloom so beautifully in among the growing sea of fresh emerald green grass..:-)

  6. annbritton 

    The very reason my favourite colour is green Glenda, and yes that wonderful emerald grass green, like tree frogs green :-). The earth “growing” after rain as if it’s having it’s own celebration that makes us rejoice too.

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